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Ladies and Gentlemen - The football season is finaly back with the first league game for Boro, a televised Friday night game (7.45 weird English time) and we have  the habbit to play well on a Friday night!

Watford, newly relegated freom the Premier League, rumored to have trouble with some players in the dressing room, hopefully will have some trouble finding their feet in The Championship. 

It's a chance for the system of 3-5-2 with wingbacks to unfold and shine, as some people on here suggests, that system works best away from home. 

A good chance to get to the top of the league, but Watford might not have any of that .. 

Which team and formation should Neil Warnock pick?

What will the scoreline be and who scores if any? 

Will we have signed any new players before the game and will they be involved in the squad for this particular game?

Are you confident, that Warnock will get the maximum out of his players, and we can compete in this league? We were nearly relegated last season, but NW saved us, with an incredible away statistic for the 8 games he was manager in.

Feel free to post links for the game, so more people can watch it and talk about it..


MDT 2/10 


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Watford fan here - I come in peace. As many of you have pointed out it appears like it's a good time to play us. From an outside perspective that's totally understandable. I thought I'd share our

One positive I do want to make is I think Dijksteel is turning into a quality player back there. My MOTM again today, looks comfortable as the RCB.

I'm a bit amazed that tav is getting criticism after that half. Everything good about us has gone through him. Yes he loses the ball and sometimes hits wayward passes but that's what happens when you

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Watford have a split dressing room. A few senior pros being considered toxic etc. I don’t think the Watford side will be players you expect, a few youngsters and fringe players. I’m going to assume they will press hard and early, but if we can hold out the first half we should have chances in the second.

That Watford team is great on paper, but might crumble from within over the course of the season.

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2 minutes ago, Blanco said:

That’s unusually positive from you @Duvel 😂😂😂

😂 I genuinely think we'll get tanked! 

They've still got a lot of Premier league players while we are clearly short. People say its a good time to play them I actually think the opposite. 

It might be a closer game later in the season when they are weaker and we'll hopefully be stronger. 

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It is a good time to play them in some respects..they aren't coming into match after building a head of steam...they will have to adapt to Championship football again (and refereeing)....getting tough game out of way at start better than at end...they allegedly have issues, up to us to make a fight of it, but if nothing else, it won't lull people into a false idea of our chances, we know they should win, so let's try and make sure they don't...don't expect it to be pretty, but hopefully we will get stuck in and stop them playing their game...would be happy with a draw, so 1-1 ...Hall from a corner in dying minutes     

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I'm hoping that our competitive "friendly" against Shrewsbury may have given us a slight edge in fitness over Watford but I'm only really clutching at straws... hoping for a draw here. I think with the uncertainty surrounding Watford and their players that it might be the best time to play them.

On Sarr I agree that he is someone to be feared but he's massively inconsistent, he scored more than half his goals in one game against Liverpool.

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1 hour ago, Brunners said:

Think the biggest worry will be if Sarr plays, because he should tear Johnson an absolute new one and I don't see Fry being much help next to him.

This image is going to give me nightmares for the rest of the week, hadn't even considered that match up!

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