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1 minute ago, Skinemrippers said:

I don’t want to give him the kiss of death but Johnson doing okay defensively tonight. Djiksteel and Paddy both doing well too. Just wish we had some pace up front, I’m not sure Spence can do what Warnock wants from him. 

Watford aren't really testing us.

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Watford fan here - I come in peace. As many of you have pointed out it appears like it's a good time to play us. From an outside perspective that's totally understandable. I thought I'd share our

One positive I do want to make is I think Dijksteel is turning into a quality player back there. My MOTM again today, looks comfortable as the RCB.

I'm a bit amazed that tav is getting criticism after that half. Everything good about us has gone through him. Yes he loses the ball and sometimes hits wayward passes but that's what happens when you

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1 minute ago, Borodane said:

Dear god we are blunt. The Watford manager must be contemplating subbing foster for an outfield player. 

And why not Foster should have started home at half time,a bit of family time instead of standing by himself in a empty goalmouth. 😁

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Just now, BoroJake said:

I’d put Dijksteel at wing back to be honest. He’s far more comfortable on the ball than Spence 

He's looked a level above since Warnock came in he's carrying the ball out so well and defensively he tracks and reads the game well.

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Every time I watch Howson and Saville they seem to just play on the fringes of the game. Neat and tidy but never really seem to deliver more than a 6/10 every week. 

We need at least one midfielder who can drive the game. 

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