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EFL Cup - Middlesbrough v Barnsley, 6pm Tuesday 15th September Scene 1: Int (Daytime) [A café table at Scotch Corner Services. Neil Warnock is eating a full English breakfast when a man in dark

Absolute ***. If people seriously want to watch this for a season you are off your bloody heads.  Barnsley get the ball and it’s pass to feet, pass to feet, pass to feet, movement off the ball. We get

Tonight certainly laid bare why Warnock didn't mix things up by using the bench against Watford. If he had the 1-0 scoreline might have been more damaging. We were never going to win the Cup and

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2 minutes ago, Johnmfc81 said:

Wow swapped djksteel with paddy, didn't think he played bad

Probably didn't want to play either, but tiny squad forced the selection, so they are sharing the game.

If appears that the game plan for tonight was to go through the motions, get through the game without injury and move on.

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Just now, DurhamRed said:

Bring Britt on jeez I want us to win this game Warnock doesn't seem bothered

He isn't. He's literally spent all week saying he doesn't care about the cup and it's just a game to get out of the way before Bournemouth.

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I’m not getting too disheartened tonight.

Warnock doesn’t want to win this. He’s clearly not up for this one. He can’t even be by the side of the pitch.

He’s also demonstrating how few options we have to Gibson and Bausor.

Maybe they’re not moving enough on Warnock’s targets and he’s making a point.

Putting Coulson RWB smacks of ‘well, I gave him a chance...’. That is the most disappointing thing about this match for me.

We’ll be much better at 3:00pm Saturday I promise (hope) 😅

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    • The administrators must be worried about HMRC. They supposedly owe them £26m.
    • I presume the continued legal action is to ensure that 9-12 point deduction that they are due for breaching P&S is actually carried out. It's all gone quiet since they went in to administration.
    • Well they're currently on -2 points. Another 9 point deduction would make that -11, which is currently 18 points from safety. That would be a serious amount of ground to make up and would require 3 teams above them to have pretty horrendous seasons, in order to overhaul them. I'd rather see Mel Morris get taken for every penny he's got, or otherwise punished to the full extent of the law. Instead he's wringing his hands and saying he's "sorry" while the club that was under his stewardship could end up going to the wall, if the administrators can't find a suitable buyer.  
    • Does Gibson seriously holding a grudge for them outbidding us on Waghorn 😂
    • They haven't actually been punished for cheating yet, which is the whole point of principle for Gibson. They've had a self-inflicted 12 point deduction for administration. They're currently only 9 points from safety, that is far from insurmountable with most of the season left, and the pressure needs to be kept up to ensure they get the punishment they're due.

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