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Boro v Barnsley 2-1 (Howson, Akpom)

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So after improved performances (going forward anyways) Boro face the Reds of Barnsley for the second time in under 3 weeks. 

The last outing which was at the Riverside too was a poor display in a very short lived league cup run and Barnsley ran out 2-0 winners with relative ease  

But surprisingly their league form is twice as bad as ours, considering they’ve only half the points that we do. 


Barnsley uncertainty ahead of the game with Gerhard Struber 'on verge' of New York switch may affect their preparation for this game


 BORO have not won a home game in the league in the last 11 attempts 


 Our  defending this season has been so ugly that on a dating website it works be described as having a ‘Great Personality’ 


BIG 3 Q’s

1) Will we win?

2) Should Johnson start? 

3) Is scone pronounced S-con or S-cone 


 just their score predictions so far  but not much confidence in their chances


 apologies for the shortness of this MDT thread but very busy at work and have to do this all on my phone


 Over to you guys and gal’s 

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Had to change my picture after looking through today's match gallery. I knew George would have to go at some point but never did I expect to see such a happy face in a Middlesbrough shirt for Marc Bol

If Akpom wasn't offside for the deflected shot and if he'd have put that one-on-one away from the mistake, that could have been one of the biggest *** house hat-tricks of all time.

We've been crying out for a dynamic formation for years... This reading is more exciting to me than SmogDane's browser history!

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47 minutes ago, Old Codger said:

Ask a silly question :)....  it's a regional thing...both correct ..I like playing with words.. many hours of fun to be had trying to convince people a homophone is not what they think it is  

Like to and two but only right when wright is proven rite.

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    • Its hard to know fully what the consequences of something like that would be. The Premier league product without the big 6 would not be as desirable to TV companies especially overseas, there's no doubt about that.  Obviously then the income of every other club would drop and big name players would move on.  Commercially it would probably be a bad idea but wouldn't it be great if sporting competition and integrity were put above that.   
    • I certainly think it's an interesting thing to consider, if we broke off from them or simply banned them from competing alongside us until they put this stupid idea to bed, how the broadcasters would react. Who would they follow? Sky, for example, right now are protecting the Premier League with all the power they can. It's beneficial for them to do that. But if we split from those 6 and they had the opportunity of buying into what those clubs do next or just sticking by the Premier League and the EFL, what would they do? It seems like it should be an easy answer, follow the clubs with the money, follow the potential viewing figures they would generate. But is it as simple as that? I'm not so sure.
    • 1. Was it Malley that was highly rated a year or two ago? If it was I'd give him a go alongside Howson. I'd also give Coulson a run a leftback, we know what Bola is all about, and under JW Coulson seemed to be on an upward trajectory. If he puts in 5 good performances maybe we can keep him as cover for Bola and not worry about needing to sign leftback cover in the summer. Archer Fisher, Hall, McNair ,Coulson Howson, Malley Kebano, Watmore, Bolasie Akpom 1a. No idea, pesky Romans. 2. Negredo purely because at the time he seemed the perfect striker for Aitor's system (that he used during the promotion season). Valdes is worth a shout just because of his previous experience in the game and what he had won. 3. Who knows, but if we finish lower than 9th next season, that would be pretty bad.
    • Amber list countries then, if he has to quarantine. 
    • Thats exactly what it is, if you are negotiating with someone you need to be in a strong enough position to walk away and move onto an alternative.  I think this proposal is just that at the moment, these big European clubs will be prepared to start this alternative format if they can get away with it but I think the ultimate goal is to have more power and control within the current structure. And obviously more share of the financial pie as well.  They are acting like a cartel and its up to the governing bodies and other clubs to make sure they don't get away with it.  I made a point yesterday that this isn't a sudden thing, this balance of power has been gradually tipping since the Billionaires started getting involved with clubs in 2003. Wouldnt it be brilliant if other clubs declared all out war on these big super clubs?  I'd love to see the other 86 clubs in the football league threaten to break away from the current system. Start things up again and have a new league without the big 6, if they want to apply to join they'll have to start at the bottom of the pyramid and I mean the very bottom.  Let's rid football of FIFA and have a new, open and transparent organisation that gets rid of the corrupt scumbags there now. Have fan owned clubs like they have in Germany to prevent things like this happening in the future and have a domestic scene similar to Germany with realistic ticket prices and sensible kickoff times.  Part of me hopes this super league happens because that might be the catalyst for the bubble to burst and return the game to the fans.  Even if it means clubs having to start from scratch again.  I don't want a global super league where clubs are franchised from Liverpool to Singapore and I don't think fans in our country want that either. I think Liverpool fans for example would rather get behind a new team at an amateur level and watch them climb through the leagues again. It would be like a version of AFC Wimbledon but on a much larger scale. If it was a choice as well I think I'd rather the Boro went to the wall than be sucked into this new version of football. 

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