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MSF Meeting - Neil Warnock appearance!! Questions on a postcard.

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We did indeed. Neil was incredibly funny, warm and more than happy to share his experiences and answer questions. The session was recorded and so there will be an an official write up and videos from

Good Evening All.   Delighted to announce that Neil Warnock is appearing at the meeting on Monday. The MSF is looking for your burning questions for the boss. Agenda and notes will be p

Is that the question you want Neil to answer or just a question?

Can't decide if it's a good thing or not that our manager reads these pages. On the one hand, it's great that he's interested in the perspective of the fans (hi Neil, hope you're well), but on the other hand, it must be quite dispiriting for him to see all the asterisks in some threads!

He clearly has good taste in forums, though. Imagine if he'd been reading COB.

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1 hour ago, TLF10 said:

Is there any place i can watch or read about this fans meeting with NW please? Thank you in advance.

The head of MSF (think his name is Mark? I'm terrible with names) is writing up a transcript IIRC, but NW talked for 2 hours so I guess it's quite long lol.

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