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Starting at Round 4:   Some good scores all round, with @SmogDane and @AnglianRed grabbing a joint Manager of the Week award.

Can I join the others, in saying you've done a great job in stepping in this year @Youngy228! Just hope everything is okay with @OldManGravz! If you can let us know if everything is ok, and if we

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On 3/18/2021 at 10:21 AM, Youngy228 said:


I took over the updating of results/tables a few rounds ago and started doing it manually.  I didn't see the point in creating an automatic spreadsheet as I only ever intended doing a round or two to catch up.  When I did a few rounds I decided to try and make the table populate itself with some simple code.  This seems to be working well now but I could never work out why Trekkers was 2 games behind some people.  

When tracing back fixtures....I did not update the table for Trekkers 4 Cyprusboro 0 for Trekkers.  I have therefore updated the table with this result.

Apologies for the error.  I was just getting to grips with the updating role.  

I think now that I have coded a spreadsheet then this won't happen again.  I am happy to run the fixtures and updating next year if people want but also happy to let someone else.  Think hopefully now I have a working template.

I have also added a form column - I quite like it personally but if others don't I can remove.

Sorry for the mistake.  Updated Table attached


Love it! Just like the BBC league tables now. 👍

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Christ Motor Mouth, only 4 other teams to take points off us and we run into each other. Seems to happen a lot for me.

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unfortunately it’s only 3pm and after as it give people a cutoff for predicting. It was on the list as I made every round early so we didn’t miss any. Then kick off moved. Sorry mate!

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On 4/3/2021 at 2:34 PM, Youngy228 said:


Wow - my biggest score and winning margin of the season...against an active predictor too! 😲 Guessing he just forgot that week?

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37 minutes ago, AnglianRed said:

Bah, lost out to the league leader by a lousy point. ☹️

Nothing lousy about it @AnglianRed it was actually a huge point for me 😃

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