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Starting at Round 4:   Some good scores all round, with @SmogDane and @AnglianRed grabbing a joint Manager of the Week award.

Can I join the others, in saying you've done a great job in stepping in this year @Youngy228! Just hope everything is okay with @OldManGravz! If you can let us know if everything is ok, and if we

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On 1/4/2021 at 9:09 PM, Maccarone said:

Have we binned the Predictions OMG?

If you have issues please don't feel under pressure,  there are more important things happening just now. 


I would gladly take it over again for you OMG until either you sort out your problems or till the end of the season.

Just send me the league as it stands or we can rub this season out if you like and I can do a cup competition.

Mind the way they are talking at the moment most clubs are wanting a break.

Which ever I am easy.

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Sorry lads, I will get the next few rounds up over the weekend and get results caught up. 


We may not get the full 2 rounds of fixtures done this year but we can see where we are at, I may throw a few CL/Lower league rounds in on days where theres no champo games but we will get as close as we can

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Hope that people don't think I'm trying to step on toes.  Just wanted to help out and get the results caught up.  If people think I shouldn't have I can only apologise - was only done  with good intentions of support.


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incorrect table
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Just now, AnglianRed said:

Cheers @Youngy228 - thats some nice work there. Hopefully gives folks the incentive to keep predicting.

Hope Gravz is okay with this.


As I said - was only trying to help.  I enjoy the league and I know Gravz has said he's had lots of stuff on - so was hopefully just being helpful.

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Thats superb Youngy,interestingly I'm in 7th but have the most correct predictions, defence letting me down.

Hopefully OMG is OK? He seems to drop in and out and we don't hear in between. 

Brilliant it's upto date, well done.

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