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Boro v Coventry 2-0 (Assombalonga, Spence)

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2 minutes ago, Weasel said:

I bet Neil Warnock wants to kill Djed after that.

I bet Neil Warnock wants to hug Djed after that.


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I'm glad we're not entirely sat in our own half right now. Deeper than we were sure but when Coventry had it in their own half, we had Britt, Browne, Sav, Spence all pushing up on half-way pressing up. If this was Pulis, it would be Britt trudging around the half way line trying to press the entire defence.

And that's the difference it makes, get in there Spence lad, great touch over the keeper that and confident finish.

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    • It's a shame there's no sign of someone coming in before Rotherham. Warnock seemed confident of that and keen for it to happen. For me, being the 7th best team in the league this season is OK based on the last few seasons. It's a shame if we cannot push on this season but once again more high wages will be gone in the summer.  I hope either Warnock stays or Gibson goes for someone like Paul Cook. He's done great with teams so far and I would be happy to trust him with this squad and any cash Gibson can give him. I do think if we don't go up the likes of Paddy, Fry, Tav and Dijksteel may attract interest. I wonder if we sold one we could keep hold of the others. Hopefully we don't have to sell them all.  Next season even more of the kids could be ready which is quite exciting really. Especially as we may actually get to see them in person. Fingers crossed for this week and the rest of the season. Hopefully Gibson can work out how to splash a bit of cash.
    • Speaking last week with my mate who gave me the Watmore info he said that Boro are looking to do 3 in 3 out. Britt, Roberts and Wood were the three out  (Wood on loan). other than maybe Wood I don’t think much will have changed.  
    • I genuinely hope you are right and that I am wrong. He originally had a hamstring injury after 4 games for us and just as he was getting close to returning he then suffered a front thigh injury in training which I think required surgery putting him out for at least an additional 10 to 12 weeks which would put his return at around mid to late Feb if his rehab goes to plan. Added to his previous serious long lay off before coming here and it doesn't fill me with optimism. Like I said I hope you are right and my pessimism is without foundation.
    • I think we would need to see a departure or two for any signs of incomings but you never know
    • Quite simply a must win game with due respect to Rotherham not getting 3 points against them will put a stop to any real hope of progress towards top 6plus we need to stop the home form rot
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