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Boro v Coventry 2-0 (Assombalonga, Spence)

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i thought jed caused them problems all night and he got a goal. dont see why people are moaning so much about him. what do you want from him? young kid just broke into the team, doesnt even have one position nailed down. he's doing well. hes not the finished article is he so why expect him to be?

remember adomah, most the time he'd do naff all and just give the ball away. but he certainly kept the full back busy all night. jed was moved over to the left because tav was utterly useless over there. tav the player who when played in a formation and position thats suiting him has been excellent for us.

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    • Agree with Sandy..  we are inconsistent but some of that is relative inexperience and hopefully that will decrease. Hopefully we can get a few more U23's out on loan to push them on a bit and fill the squad up for next year..  we have the makings of a good team and if we can get the final pieces of the jigsaw, then we will be there or thereabouts . Would also like to mention that discipline seems to have improved significantly, halfway through season and only one red card, which was rightly overturned and most of the yellows were for "proper" fouls rather than dissent or other daft stuff..  Sam will always be Sam but having watched Souness, Kennedy, Glover, Hammy, Boam and other nasty boys, he is very mild compared to them and I think all good teams have someone like him, so I think it should be acknowledged he is the best Egyptian we've had   
    • Think they are nailed on to stay up now that they have fewer injuries...  Ol Gravel Voice might be a walking sphincter but he gets the best out of his players (except against City). wouldn't be surprised if current bottom 3 went down, but if anyone else gets dragged in, most likely Brighton or Barcodes
    • Burnley have 19 points from just 10 scored goals. That’s some achievement. 10 more goals and they’ll probably avoid relegation. 
    • Good opening post I hope to see your thread again for Rotherham 🙂 1:Team and formation?  Exactly same side as he started at Nottingham Forrest as believe its best side we have baring Fletcher.  2: Is it good to change a winning team?  Nope it isn't unless player is really knackered  3: Will Morsy get another yellow card for just being Morsy?  Yeah he will  4: Can Britt follow up on an above par performance?  I think/hope as his contract is up we may see the best of Britt as he sure will wanna try earn biggest deal he can in the summer and we are his stage for showtime  5: Is Saville finally going to be what we bought him for.. A goal contributer? 4 goals and 4 assists so far... With Morsey it enables him to burst in the box with great effect so defiently be more of a goal scoring contribution from him  6: Iron Maiden or Def Leppard?  Iron Maiden 7: Our last handful of games this season are easy on paper .. If we keep within reach of the play off spots .. Can we push for it in the last 8-10 games? Yeah it's just our strength in depth see at LB dropping from Bola to Coulson is downgrade then at RB Dijksteel provides defensive steal remove him for Spence we are a lot worse defensively. Then in Midfield losing someone so Wing is required is downgrade. The reason Norwich are where they are is due to having two quality players in every position really.  8: Who is this mystery signing (winger who can play as a striker)?  It has got to be Grosicki don't think any other fit the words Warnock said.
    • Classic Dani 🤦‍♂️
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