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Is it time for someone else to run the football club, not because Steve Gibson has done a bad job, because he hasn't, and he is amazing, but just to get a fresh perspective on things, even though as I say he has done more for this football club than anyon

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On 10/26/2020 at 2:55 PM, Changing Times said:

e and really where would we be without his support over all these years and ok yeah he makes some mistakes sometimes but doesn't everyone make mistakes and who are we to sit in judgement of the fella when he's done so much for the club even if he's made some bad decisions at times, not bad bad decisions of course, in fact bad is too strong a word, let's call them less great decisions instead, and Woodgate really was the best candidate probably cos Steve wouldn't lie to us, he's wonderful, except for the less great decisions he makes occasionally over the last 15 years or so, but anyone can have a dry spell at the end of the day and maybe Bausor is the real cause of all of our problems not Steve but should we consider possibly the idea of potentially trying something slightly different, not that Steve has done anything wrong at all, but maybe just for a bit of a change?


Are you that desperate for upvotes? 😂

Nicely done anyway... 👏

As @estonpidge said, you should be a politician with that level of fence-sitting ability.


Anyway, to answer your question, I wouldn't be completely opposed to the idea...but who out there could do the job. More importantly, who out there would want to?

I mean Boro aren't exactly candidates for an overseas billionaire consortium vanity project, like Chelsea or Man City and I don't think there will be many (if any) local businesses interested in helping us do what we did in the late 90s and 00s.


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