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Boro v Nottingham Forest 1-0 (Johnson)

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Hello again!

 Welcome back to the matchday thread. Warnock’s warriors overcame Coventry 2-0 last time out and now sit just outside the play-off places at this early stage of the season. Whilst the team still has issues in front of goal, its clear to see that they have been utterly transformed at the back.

Warnock’s Boro seem like an ‘orrible lot to play against. A right group of b@stards who will slap you in the face and tell you your mothers ugly. A far cry from the pushovers we appeared to be at times in the previous campaign.

We welcome Forest to The Riverside on Saturday, whose season doesn’t seem to have gone to plan. Despite a lot of hype and approximately 8673 signings this summer, they’ve only managed to pick up 5 points so far (this may change as they play Luton on Wednesday night). They’ve already binned a manager off and brought in Chris Hughton to try to turn things around.

Some questions:

Will Spence retain his place in the starting 11?

Who has been the best player this season? (so far)

What do you reckon Ronnie Jepson eats for breakfast?



Thanks to those who submitted their wonderful art to the last match day thread. I’ve decided to extend the competition until Saturday. I will consider doodles from the last thread still but if you have already had a go please feel free to do so again!

All entries will be considered no matter how crap! In fact, the crapper the better!

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! Here’s a magnificent doodle of Ronnie Jepson.



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My doodle entry. As Anglian says, hard to get any kind of control with the mouse!

Played 9, conceded 5 goals, the same as the much vaunted Watford Premiership defence. After last seasons abysmal showing then step forward Neil Warnock and his coaches, what a turnaround, take a bow,

One very special moment (This time I didn't cheat)

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Just now, DurhamRed said:

I must say watching Forest against Luton tonight they are terrible we should get another 3 point's 

they dont seem to have any sort of plan do they, like us under woody lol. anyway they are 0-1 down and had a man sent off. tough night for them. i bet they are really looking forward to play a tough organised hard workig warnock side on saturday 😄 


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Feels wrong to say... but we missed Marv's left foot on Tuesday. He's a poor defender but he can beat a man and has a good whipped cross. Would bring him in for Spence. 

And be interesting to see whether Akpom comes back in if fit. 

Apart from that, same team. I'm hoping Roberts early sub means he can start again. Think we'll beat Forest, they'll play into our hands. 

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During the international break I tried to predict the next 7 games and I would happily have taken a point v Forest. I think they got very good squad and it is just a case of them clicking. I certainly would not get carried away and think we will roll them over Saturday. Luton are no mugs this season. Started season very well. I expect a tough game v Forest.

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Hopefully Akpom is fit and if he is I would go to a 3.5.2. I would also bring Coulson in. I want him to succeed here and NW said he looked bright in training.


Dijk Fry Paddy

Tav Howson Morsy Sav Coulson

Britt Akpom

I would love a win but i rate forest. Would not be too disappointed with a draw.  

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I can see Spence dropping to the bench and one of bola or Johnson stepping in, with tav on the right. I assume that was the purpose of the subs the other night.

roberts back to the bench as well perhaps.... if no akpom, I’m comfortable with Browne starting, he has done everything asked of him so far. Midfield and defence picks itself, barring injury 

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Two scoring draws last term between the teams and always a close call before that.

Forest you would expect to shrug off their poorish start and to progress, but they will also be desperate to start winning.

However I would suspect Houghton will be content with a point at the Riverside but for Boro we need to start winning back to back games and I believe we will be too much for Forest and achieve a rare event of late.

Maybe travelling teams will be showing a bit more respect towards us as a whole but I do think the game will be very different than seen against Coventry.

Going for a home win though at start of season would have been ok with a draw


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            Dijk, Fry, Paddy
       Tav,    Howson,    Coulson
              Morsy, Saville
          Roberts, Akpom/Britt


           Dijk, Fry, Paddy, Bola
          Howson, Morsy, Saville
          Roberts,  Akpom,  Tav

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    • Good point - probably the year after then. God its like discussing how much longer Warnock is going to go on for, isn't it? 😁   Fair point. A big part of longevity and how long you maintain your physical fitness, mental faculties etc. is down to how active you are and how you exercise the grey matter. She should probably start doing a couple of laps of Sandringham every morning, Captain Tom style. Followed by a leisurely afternoon of sudoku, then an intense evening session of Call of Duty. 😉    
    • Yeah it’s not the same scenario as your Aunty Doris that lived in sheltered accommodation in Redcar with just a portable tv a fan heater and a pile of Gardner’s World magazines for company, that pines for her recently departed husband, complains about the food and doesn’t get on with the rest of the residents, especially that Maureen who drinks Campari on Friday afternoons and insists on being a member of every club and committee going. 
    • I wonder how many goals will be Djed Spence's fault today, and those that aren't, still are 🤔😭
    • I kind of feel sorry for him too, he's been sold the vision with his contract under Woodgate, sold as part of the future of this club. And I'm a big Hayden Coulson fan, I'd definitely prefer it if he could show what he could do as a left back as I think he'd have a better chance of making it here. But in a team filled with inconsistent plodders, you don't take out one of your brightest lights to accommodate someone else. Last season the shoe was on the other foot, we weren't gonna drop Coulson for Bola for the sake of it. If he's gonna play for Warnock, he's got to find a way to make himself useful in a team with Bola in it. James Husband had the exact same issue when he was brought here, he had to find a way to make a name for himself with George Friend in the side, he didn't do that so he had to leave.
    • I'm already like many of our players...thinking of Summer holidays, (staycation obviously). I'll be watching these remaining games more out of idle interest, than any real hope or expectation. I'd like to see Coulson given some games, along with any promising U23s, just to see how we play with some different names in the team. Obviously (hopefully?) it'd be good for team morale if we won, or got a result of any kind, but I won't be that bothered if we help Barnsley's play-off bid.  

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