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Boro v Nottingham Forest 1-0 (Johnson)

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My doodle entry. As Anglian says, hard to get any kind of control with the mouse!

Played 9, conceded 5 goals, the same as the much vaunted Watford Premiership defence. After last seasons abysmal showing then step forward Neil Warnock and his coaches, what a turnaround, take a bow,

One very special moment (This time I didn't cheat)

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13 hours ago, TLF10 said:

During the international break I tried to predict the next 7 games and I would happily have taken a point v Forest. I think they got very good squad and it is just a case of them clicking. I certainly would not get carried away and think we will roll them over Saturday. Luton are no mugs this season. Started season very well. I expect a tough game v Forest.

I don't think any of the games in the Championship are easy,I was impressed with Luton even if Forest were down to 10 men,I don't think Forest will be easy...But saying that our opening 8 games we've bagged 13 Pts which is more than I expected(a lot more)


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This is my drawing that I gone and done of Neil Warnock lifting the Championship trophy at the riverside. I'm not very good at bodies but think the face has a good likeness:


Going for 1-1 with Britt scoring against his old club for this one. 

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iwas thinking that the way the fixtures have panned out ,weve had a realy tough run of games so far,which makes our points haul look impressive, but then after re assessing things maybe what happened to us last season particularly has sub-conciously made us see certain fixtures as tougher than in previous years.  this one is normally what youd consider a hard game with two evenly matched sides but they are in a place we were in last term, we ,on the other hand are gathering belief as games go by so im hoping and edging towards predicting a win but i also genuinely believe they will suddenly wake upp from thier inertia in the next few weeks at some point so lets take the points and run . 

to answer the OP Questions ill say that im easy either way with Spence being in or out the team, he neither excites me or annoys me touch by touch so im happy sitthing on the spencefence.

for me four or five players have stood out this season, mcnair and fry for the big level of performance change, Morsy and Akpom have been great signings and Tav has looked like he will make something happen . but ill swallow my pride and plump for Mc nAIR AS THE STAND OUT .

I RECKON ronnie jepson is a beer at breakfast type of guy.

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On 10/28/2020 at 1:46 PM, Smogzilla said:




I genuinely thought you were trying to imply that Donald Trump was a Boro fan!

Onto the game and we are probably favourites. We've gotten our act together and Forest seem like they can't quite shrug off their poor start and a quick change of managers. In the end I expect Houghton to get them into the top half, but I reckon it's going to take a bit more time. A few weeks ago I would happily have taken a point but now I will be disappointed if we don't win. Three points will likely put us into a play off spot at the end of the round which will be a massive shot up the arm for everyone at the club.

I reckon the 3-5-2 formation is here to stay, as Warnock will probably feel that we don't have enough bodies in attack to play 4-4-3, hence it's better to just keep drilling the 3-5-2 formation into the team and get the internal agreements between the players up to 100%.

I think the only change we will see is Bola or Marvin for Spence for a bit more balance. Even if Akpom is fit again Britt deserves to start and Roberts was withdrawn early on tuesday. Akpom certainly isn't a bad option from the bench, so fingers crossed he is fit again. Think we will shithouse the three points our way in a 1-0 win.

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Think Hughton might get suspicious if we try 4-4-3?...being serious, agree 100% that normally would be happy with draw but think three points very possible...they seem to be lacking creativity, and it is up to us to make sure they don't find it by bullying them in the midfield and keeping it tight....1-0 to the Ars  Boro

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Will Spence retain his place in the starting 11?

Probably...unless he pulls a hammy in training / the warm-up.


Who has been the best player this season? (so far)

Marcus Tavern-ee-ay 😁


What do you reckon Ronnie Jepson eats for breakfast?

I reckon he likes a nice plate of barbed wire and drawing pins, washed down with drain cleaner.


While Forest have had a poor start to the season, I expect them to turn it around and for Hughton to slowly steer them up the table, much like Warnock is doing with us. Reckon we're in for another tough game. Would be happy with a point, but also wouldn't be surprised if we sneak a late winner off Britt's backside.

I'd like to think NW might try to address the lack of creativity we showed against Coventry, but I'm betting he'll look to bore Forest to death, then bring on his subs to ping one in the net while they're comatose...


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Well I think this game is hard to call because we are hardly prolific scoring goals which is a shame as Forest have coincided 10 in 8 games double of what we have. Defensively we are 8 & 5 so we edge it here so given we have conceded less and scored a few more you would expect 3 points. Somehow I can’t see us breaking down a Forest defence who have drawn there last 3 games so I’m going for a draw.. 

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