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Boro v Nottingham Forest 1-0 (Johnson)

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My doodle entry. As Anglian says, hard to get any kind of control with the mouse!

Played 9, conceded 5 goals, the same as the much vaunted Watford Premiership defence. After last seasons abysmal showing then step forward Neil Warnock and his coaches, what a turnaround, take a bow,

One very special moment (This time I didn't cheat)

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Just now, TeaCider24 said:

We definitely got the free kick, even though he booked Morsy. 

Yeah, but that was afterwards if you see what I mean?  Initially the ref was playing on, then Forest player was hassling Morsy and then he threw the arm.  The ref stopped play, booked Morsy for the three things he'd done and then gave us the freekick as our advantage hadn't gone anywhere.  I think that's how it happened.

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4 hours ago, Brunners said:

When has he been booked for talking though? He was booked for an elbow yesterday I thought?

But he had been gobbing off at the ref from minute 1, complaining about every decision. I think that has to influence refs when they're 50/50 about getting the yellow out.

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12 hours ago, Downsouth said:

Of course he does but as already mentioned fair play to theManager for spotting it and reminding Morsy that he is a team player and not an individual to settle a score.

You can bet Woody would have kept him on!

What is more pleasing for me is that confidence in home form has returned and I personaly no longer am concerned about home games.

Ask a question though are we doing better than anticipated through lack of fans in the ground? (apart from the obvious)

Hell of a question, I think theirs 4 key elements to why we are doing well tbh and they are as follows ..........

1 Competent tactics, coaching/man management 100% better than last season.

2 Wiser recruitment this summer cant say I am disappointed with any of the signings considering what we paid for them so far. 

3 Players attitudes have improved greatly everyone looks like they want to put their neck on the line and win games. 

4 No fans to put pressure further on when things aren't going so well in games, however flip side of that is if we get playoffs come the end of the season or need to get across the line to get playoffs in the last few games of the season the crowd can be a massive force (think of promotion season under karanka) when they get behind the team so may actually have the opposite effect come the end of the season.  

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9 hours ago, Brunners said:

When has he been booked for talking though? He was booked for an elbow yesterday I thought?

I'm not saying he got booked for talking. I'm saying he's capable of walking into the book when it's not remotely necessary for him to get into that situation. He did get booked for the elbow but as has been said, it was totally unnecessary. Not only is elbowing an opponent a completely dumb thing to do in general, it's even stupider when you've already won the free kick.

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    • I'm already like many of our players...thinking of Summer holidays, (staycation obviously). I'll be watching these remaining games more out of idle interest, than any real hope or expectation. I'd like to see Coulson given some games, along with any promising U23s, just to see how we play with some different names in the team. Obviously (hopefully?) it'd be good for team morale if we won, or got a result of any kind, but I won't be that bothered if we help Barnsley's play-off bid.  
    • But the point is he's not gonna get played there because the player in that position is actually playing well? Unless you want us to play 2 left backs to accommodate him?

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