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Halloween Footballers

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Inspired by the MFC website who have haloweenised some of the players names, including Paddy McScare, Chuba Akpumpkin, Hayden Ghoulson and Dael Fright. 

What other footballers/managers can we haloweenise?


Ill start us off with: Juninhocus Pocus


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Ok ..not a player  ..but after the magic transformation of the team, Neil Warlock and his trusty sidekick, Leo Percowitch 

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Uwe Spooks

George Fiend

Dead Spence

Merouanne Zemummy (?)

Jonathan Frankenstein

George Boo-teng






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    • I don't think Jones has the ability at this level so I wouldn't want to bring him back. Then the off field issues that led to him leaving Boro in the first place don't seem to have improved any at Rangers. We have had some of the best from the Old Firm that seriously struggled down here before in the Championship. That he can't even force his way into Gerrard's thinking tells me where his future level is.
    • But Britt and Fletcher were never actually worth what we paid. Quoting their purchase price to explain a decrease in value of squad makes no sense. By the same measure Fry and Paddy have increased in value more than those 2 have dropped. As have Tav, Bola and Dijksteel.
    • On the basis that losing Britt and Fletcher due to them being out of contract potentially represents £21.5 million gone and the unlikelihood that the club can spend even a quarter of that on their replacements would indicate that the squad is diminishing in value. It's a trajectory that has been evident since we started shipping out the hastily assembled Premiership squad followed by Monks bonanza then Pulis "balancing the books". Throw in the Summer of Woodgate and the "Golden Thread" where a yarn was spun to the gullible and there is a general trend which if plotted on a graph only goes in one direction.
    • @Kelloe. I respect you greatly as a poster and hope you dont take this advice from me the wrong way? I also dont agree with @sanddancer post but please dont call him clown. It will just become unsavoury and derail the thread. @sanddancer is perfectly entitled to his views so if you going to disagree please do it respectfully.
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