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Halloween Footballers

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Inspired by the MFC website who have haloweenised some of the players names, including Paddy McScare, Chuba Akpumpkin, Hayden Ghoulson and Dael Fright. 

What other footballers/managers can we haloweenise?


Ill start us off with: Juninhocus Pocus


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    • There are huge questions over how many players get injured under his coaching (we have an entire back five out atm), strong evidence of a bullying culture among his staff, and lucky-dip in-game tactics. I accept we're in far better form than you (and much higher up the table), but we've endured some absolutely atrocious performances this season. With the talent in our ranks, it's been perplexing to watch us hoofing the ball to the opposition keeper time and again. Warnock is leaving at some point this season, so we're basically marking time til then. Whenever he leaves, I don't think anyone on here will shed any tears, or feel as warmly towards him as you guys clearly do. If you want him back, we won't protest!
    • Speak for yourself DK I am certainly getting carried away after all this has not happened for a while and also perhaps drinking some CS has helped🤢
    • TC on behalf of the forum I would like to thank you for your contributions toward our forum, it has been a real pleasure having you and some of your other Cardiff fans on and posting. Would be good to see you pop in from time to time and gve us an unbiased opinion as to how Boro are doing. With regards NW he seems to have adapted somewhat and in my mind he is welcome to carry on in the same vein! Good luck to you and your fellow forum members moving ahead save when you visit The Riverside!👋
    • Nobody will get carried away after 3 wins against 3 very out of form teams, think there’s an acceptance now that he won’t be going before the end of the season either way so may aswell support him 

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