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Is it bad that I was actually hoping Randolph would somehow keep a clean sheet? 

Difference in quality between the sides was painfully obvious though. Thought England took their chances well. For the most part linked up well going forward. Not really tested defensively though...which is usually our Achilles' heel. Plus it was only a friendly, so doesn't really tell us much.

The real acid test will come against Belgium...and possibly to a lesser extent against Iceland, where we will probably have to work a lot harder to break them down.


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    • Regarding Valdes. Are we really discussing the ability of a goalkeeper who has literally won every trophy possible and clocked up nearly 400 appearances for a team that was probably the best club side seen by an entire generation? The regular and quite ridiculous argument directed at Valdes was he had little to do for Barca such was they dominance. Do people genuinely think to be a keeper at the best club on the planet for as long as he was, that all you need to do is be able stand between two posts? Do people know how hard it is to even become a professional footballer at a half decent level never mind do it at the very elite level for as long as he did and we are discussing if he was a good keeper? Was he as good for as he was Barca? Well obviously not. But no player is going to be as good as for Boro as they would for Barca. You look better with better players around you. That is a simple fact.
    • Depends what you're using really. You shouldn't have any problems using a computer, or laptop which is by far the best option. However, if your using a phone it might not be up to the job, You need at least 4 GBs of ram for a decent stream, so if you're using a phone, it's time to upgrade.
    • Schwarzer was better for my money.  
    • I've been watching Boro a bit longer than just Pulis and Woodgate 🙂 But yeah I get what you mean, I'm sure people will enjoy being there, I'm just not that bothered about it myself.
    • Absolutely. Randolph was a great shot stopper but I also think he had his weaknesses, particularly with the ball at his feet, whether playing out from the back or in his kicking and in modern football that's quite a big thing.
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