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It's funny isn't it?  Fry is playing well, McNair is brilliant apparently and Dijksteel is a 'beast'.  And yet we can't possibly risk playing attacking players in attacking positions ahead of them?  I

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Think that this is likeliest candidate for the end of the unbeaten run as they have a much stronger and deeper squad, so any point has to be regarded as a good point, Apart from Swansea, the rest of the matches this year are all games that are against teams that we should regard as being beatable more often than not, so would be happy with a draw and very pleased with a win. Key to this game is winning midfield battle, so unless Saville, Morsy and McNair are all unavailable, would save Roberts for Derby, as I think he could get a lot of openings against their defence. Possibly being a bit negative, but if NW sees him as a Gaston type (hopefully without the attitude), then he could really make a difference in next six weeks if used judiciously. Wing did look rusty for most of Brentford game, but seemed to find the pace towards the end and if needs be, is capable of putting boot in, so would keep team unchanged if possible. Gave up on the anagrams as the last two were far too difficult and my artistic skills are so poor, I would only attract knockers 

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A good challenge this. I really hope Paddy is 100% and Saville's family are all safe and well. Those 2 are huge for us.

If we want to go for the win, we need to find a way of Roberts playing. Warnock has had 2 weeks to figure it out. In the training video he is different class to anyone at finishing.

Early team guess:


Dijksteel Fry Hall Bola


Roberts Akpom Coulson 

If McNair is fit I think he will come in for Coulson and we will go 5 at the back.

I think Hall plays if fit for his heading ability. I suspect he wasn't 💯 before he got injured. Pure guess work but he didn't play like someone at the top of his game.


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We are holding our own but not scoring goals and even the strongest castles are breached with prolonged assault. 
I'm doubting we can continue our current form and I believe it’s just a matter of time a team attacks from the off, scores and drops back knowing we will huff and puff but are hardly likely to knock in a goal or two. Counter and score another and do you believe we will or score twice in a game? 
I don’t care what many will state but we cannot really continue the way we are. 

Not that we will but what will change if we draw the next 8 games. Will we suddenly find a few strikers or sign a few that need time to imbed? 

Well for me it’s another game I’d be happy with a point because I can’t see us winning many games..  

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i dont think we are in a run of form yet. not by a mile. we might look like it from what we seen last year but i think that we have much more than we are showing so far. we are not making mistakes really except the final 3rd. which is why we are not losing. we'll start scoring and win 5 on the bounce or something at some point. that will put us in the auto mix. going to be a good season. 

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Have recently mentioned bench mark games and this is certainly one of those for Norwich if they have hopes of going back up at the first attempt.

Recent seasons have seen the points going to East Anglia we are due a win against them so going for a home win.

Our run will come to a stop otherwise

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Being a home match, I'm hopeful Norwich will be a bit off their game, having to travel all the way from the sunny farmlands of Norfolk, all the way up to The Smog.

Boro do seem to be rapidly becoming the Championship's draw specialists. I'm guessing our defence will once again blunt their attack, but we'll struggle to break them down. I foresee another goalless draw on Saturday.

I don't mind if we just get a point off the other top teams, but we really need to start scoring and winning when we meet the teams lower down the league.


(Now I've said this, watch us beat Norwich)


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I think Norwich arguably have the best squad in the league they is a reason they are the bookies favourites for promotion. Saying this they are very much like us are good defensively but struggle for goals. So is going to be another low scoring game that hopefully we nick with a 1-0 win get some revenge on that playoff final!

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    • Can’t see Akpom being in the squad. 
    • Its hard to know fully what the consequences of something like that would be. The Premier league product without the big 6 would not be as desirable to TV companies especially overseas, there's no doubt about that.  Obviously then the income of every other club would drop and big name players would move on.  Commercially it would probably be a bad idea but wouldn't it be great if sporting competition and integrity were put above that.   
    • I certainly think it's an interesting thing to consider, if we broke off from them or simply banned them from competing alongside us until they put this stupid idea to bed, how the broadcasters would react. Who would they follow? Sky, for example, right now are protecting the Premier League with all the power they can. It's beneficial for them to do that. But if we split from those 6 and they had the opportunity of buying into what those clubs do next or just sticking by the Premier League and the EFL, what would they do? It seems like it should be an easy answer, follow the clubs with the money, follow the potential viewing figures they would generate. But is it as simple as that? I'm not so sure.
    • 1. Was it Malley that was highly rated a year or two ago? If it was I'd give him a go alongside Howson. I'd also give Coulson a run a leftback, we know what Bola is all about, and under JW Coulson seemed to be on an upward trajectory. If he puts in 5 good performances maybe we can keep him as cover for Bola and not worry about needing to sign leftback cover in the summer. Archer Fisher, Hall, McNair ,Coulson Howson, Malley Kebano, Watmore, Bolasie Akpom 1a. No idea, pesky Romans. 2. Negredo purely because at the time he seemed the perfect striker for Aitor's system (that he used during the promotion season). Valdes is worth a shout just because of his previous experience in the game and what he had won. 3. Who knows, but if we finish lower than 9th next season, that would be pretty bad.
    • Amber list countries then, if he has to quarantine. 

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