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Boro vs Norwich 0-1

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Folarin is an interesting one. Hopefully We see Roberts and/or Watmore soon enough,

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13 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

I can't believe anyone watched that angle from behind the goal and still thinks that's not a double touch. Was clear as day.

Not at all for me.

If he'd touched it with that slipping foot then the ball would have moved before he kicked it with his leading foot.

It did not and then proceeded to go directly down the middle.

I've just been watching it in slow motion from behind the goal.

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Just now, TheJew said:

Not convinced with these changes.

Was hoping for Roberts and Watmore

You are talking about more attacking changes.  I think these are meant to be more like for like. 

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Just now, Skinemrippers said:

Tav has had our best chances today, not just the pen. Not quite falling for him. 

Thought that one was a bit tricky on the half volley.

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    • I agree with all that but I'm talking about next season rather than this one and the parameters that Warnock may have to work with and in the context of some of the names and amount of new players being suggested on here generally. Not wishing to dampen the enthusiasm in any way but I think there will need to be a harsh new financial reality in football generally and with Boro in particular.  I'm speculating that £12M is the absolute minimum wage bill but SG might be willing to find more funds. A full season without gate income at the Riverside, Bulkhaul hit by Brexit and the Hotel closed for the last 12 months will have had a significant hit. Out of the eleven mentioned, Bettenelli, McNair, Hall, Howson, Saville, Bolasie, Akpom, Fletcher, Kebano, Roberts and Assombalonga, six of them, (Bettenelli, Fletcher, Bolasie, Kebano, Roberts and Assombalonga) won't be there and if in the case of Fletcher for example is here it won't be on the same terms. I'm guessing that Hall is nearer the £10K a week purely from reports around the time of his transfer leaving just McNair, Howson and Saville on the bigger salaries. How much we are contributing to Bolasie, Kebano and Bettenelli's wages at the minute I have no idea but it is probably eye watering.
    • That sounds about right to me, with my fag packet maths.
    • I think you need to double that amount to get it closer to our wage bill mate.  I'd be surprised if we already didn't have more than 4 players on more than £12k per week, not including someone like Assombalonga.  If you include the current loan players, I reckon there would be at least 10 or close to it already on our books - Bettenelli, McNair, Hall, Howson, Saville, Fletcher, Bolasie, Akpom, Fletcher, Kebano, Roberts (for the first half of the season), Assombalonga.  I've left out Morsy but I bet he is somewhere near it as well.  Not sure about the lads who recently signed new deals, probably not at that level.  More than two of those will be above £20k as well.
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