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Important Anniversary.

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Funny how the football results become a diary of your life.

Exactly 49 years ago this evening I watched Match of the Day for the first time. 20 November 1971 - Arsenal 5 Wolves 1 and West Ham 0 Man City 2.

I couldn't sleep and my dad let me get out bed and watch it with him. I didn't realise at the time that I could stay in bed, go back to sleep and watch the games on Youtube 49 years later. (Sorry for the spoilers above if anyone wants to do so - the Wolves game is a cracking game, played in a blizzard).


Earlier in the day we'd been at Ayresome Park watching Boro beat Orient 1-0.

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My Dad took me to that Orient game, from memory it wasn't a classic but by that stage the Boro virus had already taken hold!

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    • And so it ends not with a bang but with a whimper: With our hopes of the play offs diminishing inconsistent Boro are being sent to Coventry (well actually Birmingham). Heres what we I have thrown together. The strikers, the recruitment team and the tea lady have all been thrown under the bus in recent weeks. Who will be thrown this week?   What Team and Formation Will Warnock go with? What would you do? At what point do we stop playing the loan lads? Some pictures to make boring stats look interesting: We all remember Keith O’Neil but who were the last two players to move between Coventry and Middlesbrough (clue: they were loan deals)? Opposition Danger Man   Forest legend Des Walker’s kid is the main threat and with stats like those you know our recruitment team will be watching him closely. TLDR: Coventry Up Next Tuesday.    
    • There's a similar post over on FMTTM. Rather than rewrite I'm just going to copy and paste my thoughts. My take on Boro world at the moment: 1. I've gone off Warnock this week. He is now willing to throw anyone - players, scouts, medics (Fletcher fitness) under the bus. Not nice to see and is not what an experienced manager anywhere should be doing. 2. Our tactics recently have been awful. We have decent footballers being asked to hoof it. Pointless. 3. Coaching. Why on earth has Warnock and his team not been able to coach simple skills like heading clearances? Aitor fixed that within weeks for example. 4. Stop banging on about Keifer Moore. It's embarrassing. You have enough in the squad if you use them correctly. But none are going to win header after header. Oh and Moore was shocking yesterday. Did absolutely nothing. So what have we missed? 5. All other teams have no income but some well coached teams- Barnsley, Swansea, Reading - are doing very well. Stop making excuses. 6. Pick a keeper. Bettinneli is hopeless. Has to be priority in the summer. 7. Gibson decide what you want in terms of style. Stick to it long term. 8. I'm not sure another season of Warnock is what we need. I'm hoping for a Paul Cook type - unless Ipswich nab him first.
    • What a dreadful place this has become 😬
    • Whatever. I'm sick to death of the SG defender's rhetoric - "We wouldn't have a club if it wasn't for him." It's old and gets trotted out all the time. The fact is, football has moved on a lot since then and we could be a much bigger and successful club if he wasn't in charge.  
    • I actually thought Boro played a fair bit of decent football, stroking it around on the deck for periods. True, the final ball was almost always a high cross, which the Cardiff defence mostly dealt with very comfortably, but its worth noting our equaliser also came from another lofted ball into the box. But after that we did resort to some truly horrendous hoofball. How the hell we ever expected to make anything happen with the ball spending most of the time in the air, I'll never know.  
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