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Boro V Derby County 3-0 (Assombalonga, Clarke OG,Johnson)

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Date: Wednesday 25th November

Venue: Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough.

Kick off: 1900hrs or 7pm if you prefer.

Believed TV coverage: Sky Red button match or goals as they go in on Sky Sports News



Well welcome one and all to a rather impromptu match day thread by yours truly I had hoped that Erimus74 (who was supposed to be next) would have put this up by now but I can not risk waiting any longer due to frequency in games.

Both teams suffered a defeat at the weekend and will want to make amends and in Derby's case they will want to stop the alarming drop in form which has recently elevated Wayne Rooney as their new Messiah an potential new Manager.

Boro after suffering their second defeat of the season should be kicking themselves for allowing Norwich to take the 3 points from The Riverside and I hope the attitude amongst all within MFC is to put things right.

Not going to do a post mortem on Derby because at this moment they are not a very good team and nothing to shout about.

What should Neil Warnock do?

Does he play Derby the same way as most of our recent games have gone and hope that we nick a goal at some point?

Does he go for their throat straight away with an attacking team(defence sorts themselves out IMO)?

Does he make any changes for the starting 11?

Does he see this as a "must win" game?

Your preference:

What is your preffered starting 11?

Are Derby any good and should we play with utmost caution?


A View from Downsouth:

In my humble opinion and due to recent results this is for me THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON...........so far.

We have to win this and put on a real attacking show, for me start Roberts and Watmore and any player that has some real speed about them.

Do not let Rooney get his first win, scare the hell out of them and start scoring goals, we need goals and lots of them!

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I'm in love with a 71 year old man ❤️ There, I said it!

Finally! Nothing to dislike about that whatsoever given what's available. Just hope we win with a good performance now so we don't go back to the same old at the weekend!

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Bola Hall Fry Dijksteel

Tavernier Morsy Saville Roberts

Akpom Britt

Marv did OK on Saturday and could come on late in game to run at them, likewise Spence and Coulson. McNair and Howson will be vital in next few games and this is probably best chance to give them a "short" game or complete break.

Neither of strikers really cut it as lone figures but could as a pair in this game though Keogh isn't there to help us. Bench should be able to come to rescue if it doesn't work but a quick goal won't do their confidence any good and every match report about them highlights their lack of real pace in the team.  If bookies are right about Benitez being favourite for job, it might be the only opportunity to kick them while they are down, so hopefully a more positive approach works and we don't do a typical Boro against a struggling team


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Reality is that Warnock will keep faith the the system despite Derby being bottom of the pile. In this league anyone can beat anyone (they beat Norwich at Carrow Road). By the law of averages they will not put us under the same type of pressure that Norwich could and did so it is far more likely that there will be more frailties to expose with them.

I'd imagine Coulson won't be near the team after his headless moment but there again knowing Warnock he might be selected to get it out of his system. I'd go with the usual back four (or maybe Hall or Wood in for McNair if he is weary) then Howson and Morsy in front shielding with Saville slightly advanced supporting the forward play. I'd put Tav on the left in place of Coulson and Johnson and Roberts on the right in place of Spence. With Morsy hopefully back available that should be enough cover for the back four with Howson alongside him. 

Preferably I'd go with Akpom up front with Tav and Roberts being slightly more adventurous than normal but only slightly of course, still got to keep things tight despite the opposition. Saville then would be roving just behind Akpom looking for loose balls and to link up, providing options for our wide men and the Striker. 

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In this game we have to go on the attack not this defensive sit back stuff play Roberts, Watmore, Akpom and Britt. Derby are bottom for a reason are horrendous. Hopefully we restore confidence from Saturday with a 3 or 4 nil win.

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I'd go with a 4-3-3 on Wednesday. Same team as the weekend but I'd drop Spence and Johnson for Roberts and push Tav out on the left and have Morsy dropping into the 3 man midfield of Saville and Howson. (So not the same team as the weekend). Let Morsy and Howson sit deeper and give Saville a bit of a license to press higher up the pitch. The defence picks itself at the moment.

Not having Spence on the right may weaken us a bit defensively on that side, but Dijksteel is more the capable of covering that flank with a bit of help from Fry and Howson. We should be looking at this game as a game we can win and with that in mind I think we can afford to sacrifice that defensive solidity in the attempt to maybe score a goal (hopefully 2 goals) against a very out of sorts Derby side.

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I am going along Brunners and his logic, if we don’t score against these and win, I would be very concerned where our goals and wins will come from. 
I believe we have the ability but after the previous games having shot ourselves in the foot, arm, leg and back to lose 3 points I’ll sit on a spiky fence. OK not the best idea 2-1 BORO.. 

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20 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

Derby are a shambles right now, and their management set up won't help, this is a game that I'll be annoyed if we don't win.

I'll be angry if we lose.

How will you feel if we draw though?  Say we battle to a hard fought 0-0 draw, what emotions will you be experiencing then?

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2 hours ago, BoroBoy1989 said:

Derby have scored 4 goals less than us, so by that logic an inevitable draw 

Derby will.bag 4 against us. Havent you ever heard of "typical Boro". 

Its a true science which was once again prevailant at the weekend.

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