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Boro V Derby County 3-0 (Assombalonga, Clarke OG,Johnson)

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Just now, TeaCider24 said:

We could have 1 or 2 more by now, it's like they've collapsed.

I think theyve been pushing forward to try and get back into the game but yeah they have looked all over the place at times. 

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Aren't derby getting taken over? Probably having a long rethink after this game. They'll be league one next season looking at them

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    • I think (and it's been said a million times) that it's beyond the manager.  Meaning it's the club and what it wants to achieve long term.  I'd take farting around the championship if we had a vision.
    • I'd rather have Pulis back and Britt given a 10 year contract on ÂŁ100K a week!
    • They both contribute or contributed little to nothing, like I said I am not remotely interested in what they may or may not have done in their careers before they joined us. From what I have seen to date NML isn't offering anything special or indeed better than what we already had.  Excuses are exactly that and NML's lack of playing time is now a Boro problem in the same way that Morrison's lack of playing time was. Their individual circumstances/excuses prior to coming to Boro are different but that isn't my argument or of any interest to me come to that. I'm only interested in what I see and both of them look or looked off the pace and not ready for competitive Championship football. NML may come good and there is probably more chance of that with him than there ever was with Morrison but I would rather not see him involved unless he is selected on merit. 
    • I think, unfortunately, that our defensive and midfield players are mostly brain dead. Unless they've been threatened with castration by Warnock, why else would they persist in lumping the ball forward at every opportunity when it was patently obvious that we were hardly ever going to win aerial battles against their defence? 
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