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The January Transfer Window 2021 AKA "Didn't we do well"

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As the next window is less than six weeks away, I think it is time to create a new thread for rumours, wishes and scurrilous falsehoods about players that may arrive, leave or be seen from the bushes around Rockcliffe car park. My number one hope is we can find someone with a similar style to the hero of 1995, though I am sure that we will never get the chance to receive two Fuchs (or whatever the plural might be). A strong direct forward is something we have need of and could be the difference between us challenging for playoffs and treading water. Haaland probably just beyond our finances, but must be some other candidates to fit the bill somewhere in Europe 

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Can’t believe that people on here are condemning a possible signing because of rumours that he dealt drugs.    One thing or squad is crying out for is someone that can distribute well 😳

Fletcher is close to signing a new contract.

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12 hours ago, Old Codger said:

Derby County being linked with Dane playing for Bodo, Kasper Junker. Championship material?  

I hope they do. He is so poor. I can't fathom how he has scored so many goals in Norway. Only explanation is that it's a really poor league and any player would score goals in that Bodø team this season. Basically he is runner and a hard worker. 

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Heh. You could make a whole musical montage out of this.

NW will be encouraging players to:


Meanwhile Steve Gibson will be telling him: 


Players will take one look at the contracts on offer, shake their heads and say:


The Gazette will no doubt be accused of printing a load of:

...or even some outright whoppers...

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1 minute ago, edinboro said:

If Britt and Fletcher don't sign new contracts soon I would guess Warnock will move heaven and earth to get a new striker. I know they're not great but they're decent enough and to lose for nothing would be terrible.

Would make more sense to wait until the summer I think?

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    • I pulled up the Echo on Fry’s rating and Scott Wilson said that Fry got pulled at half time. Didn’t really offer any additional insight into his reasons for giving a 5/10. I thought Fry was very good albeit his distribution was a little ‘impatient’ at times.
    • Is it not more Fry has told him he cant play there with his performances in the pre season games and cup game on Wednesday? He has been given a decent chunk of minutes to prove aptitude in the role.
    • I think Wilder certainly prefers Lenihan probably because he’s his signing. That’s his prerogative. It all depends on whether the club are happy to let Fry leave. I don’t imagine Fry will be happy sitting on the bench but I don’t imagine Wilder will want to lose, who he see’s as, his back up centre half.
    • He’s definitely gone to ground this season a lot more than he was doing last season. Even when his attacking play tailed off last season I thought he did very well defensively. He didn’t dive in and he was very difficult for any opposition to beat. Not sure why he’s diving in so much this season but hopefully he gets back to how he defended previously.    much like people are calling for a bit of patience with Lenihan after his not great start for us I think Jones deserves that too. Not really sure why some fans dig him out so often. 
    • Wilder as a problem, both Fry and Lenahan can't play left side CB , I think Fry has told him he's not playing there , he's refusing hence the cold shoulder , you can't blame him , his form would dip , and from being one of the better CB in the league to an average one, with less of a chance of a  premiership.move,  Is a move on now.?  

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