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The January Transfer Window 2021 AKA "Didn't we do well"

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Can’t believe that people on here are condemning a possible signing because of rumours that he dealt drugs.    One thing or squad is crying out for is someone that can distribute well 😳

Fletcher is close to signing a new contract.

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Just now, Robin Johnson said:

IF this happens it demonstrates the sheer desperation to get a body - anybody in. Very, very underwhelming. And demonstrates we still operate from a minuscule target list.

Or it’s an indication that our prime targets haven’t been allowed to move after all. Bolasie is much better than nothing. Let’s wait and see. 

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Why are people turning there noses up at bolasie. No one has any idea who the players are who fell through. Some moaning *** on here. Say we wont sign anyone... Same old boro. When we do everyone moans. Give him a chance. He cant be any worse than playing defenders as wingers. 

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5 minutes ago, Robin Johnson said:

Much better than nothing? That is very debatable. 

Look at the game today. He can only be an improvement on the dross we are watching. We’re embarrassingly bad so we need something new. We’re playing some dogshit football. 

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Just now, Mfcdanny said:

90% of people on here think they know more than a 70 odd year old manager with 40 years experience, thats got 8 promotions under his belt. 

Well he certainly doesn’t look like he has a clue today. And he apparently thinks Betinelli is a good keeper. 

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