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The January Transfer Window 2021 AKA "Didn't we do well"

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Can’t believe that people on here are condemning a possible signing because of rumours that he dealt drugs.    One thing or squad is crying out for is someone that can distribute well 😳

Fletcher is close to signing a new contract.

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4 minutes ago, uncle_rico said:

That’s all good and well if you have a proper left back as a replacement. We do not. Johnson and Coulson are not defenders.

Would have loved us to pick up Pickering coincidentally of Crewe. But Blackburn signed him this morning, reckon he'll be a quality leftback in a year or 2.

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If Nathaniel ML was a free agent why the hell did we leave it to deadline day to sign him? 🤷‍♂️

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    • Play-off spots looking interesting now. Not getting carried away, but with player to return from injury we should be able to hang thereabouts. 
    • First game I have been able to see live this season and some very promising signs mixed in with a dreadful final ball at times. Great interaction between Sporar and Sol at the end seemed to suggest a good spirit in the camp as well which is good to see.    We all know it’s the hope that kills you but we look like we are a team who can only get better . Today should have been 5 at least and the concern is that we aren’t clinical but in Sporar we have a man who could get 20 this season once he gets the right pass my glass is half full again ..... 
    • As said above, how was today anything but a convincing win? We won 2-0, and 5-0 probably wouldn't have flattered us too much.
    • Just seen it.  That challenge was so daft that I can only assume he fancied a week off.  Playing for that lot you can't really blame him mind.
    • My view of NW or any other manager is based on KPI in the case results which if plotted on a scatter chart would have Snr management panicking. The failure is in constancy, quality, communication and leadership, and the last three games although favourable, still reveal work to do.  Of course there are fans who remained loyal to NW and some will be swayed and fall back in line by recent form, but one thing I’m pretty sure of, love him or hate him, he is here until the season finish’s.  NW is going to provide plenty of material to keep this forum interesting for a while longer.   

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