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The January Transfer Window 2021 AKA "Didn't we do well"

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Can‚Äôt believe that people on here are condemning a possible signing because of rumours that he dealt¬†drugs.¬† ¬† One thing or squad is crying out for is someone that can distribute well ūüė≥

Fletcher is close to signing a new contract.

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I think it'll just be appreciating their side will want to haggle a bit over terms with other interest involved. If he's told his agent he wants to stay here and work with Warnock then I don't think we'll be waiting long for a signature even if we don't budge on a contract.

Watmore is probably his agency's highest profile footballer but most of them are young lads (including Connor Malley) if you look them up. They seem to have bigger clients in other sports, mainly Cricket. You never know but I don't think this will drag on for too long if Watmore wants to stay.


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I changed my profile picture on Twitter to Watmore recently so I've probably cursed the deal. For the record, my last profile picture was Patrick Roberts, then Darren Randolph before that ūüėÖ

Those are some decent clubs after him though, could easily see him accepting more money at a prem side. In this covid season he probably thinks there's a good chance he can get minutes due to all the rotation necessary. Good chance he goes to West Brom and joins up with Sam Allardyce as the best part of his career was under him.

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1 hour ago, DurhamRed said:

We need Fletcher, Britt and Watmore to sign new deals to start the window. As we can't be letting Britt or Fletcher leave as we don't have the money to sign strikers of equal ability in the summer

We can't afford the deals that Fletcher and Assombalonga are on at the moment especially Britt. On that basis I can't see us offering more than a third of what they are currently on. In the current climate it is of course entirely possible that they wouldn't get more than that elsewhere anyway but the question then becomes can we do better for less?

In my opinion I think we could take a punt on much lower cost players that would offer as much and without breaking the bank. Its not as if we are deliberating over who could replace Britt's 20 goals a season return. With Fletcher its the hope that he will get better, unfortunately we have already forked out for the better Fletcher and to date he has failed to hit those levels of hope on a regular basis. At what point do we cut our losses and stop gambling that he must come good at some point. Under Warnock I think Fletcher maybe could improve but at what cost? 

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10 minutes ago, Redcar Rioja said:

In my opinion I think we could take a punt on much lower cost players that would offer as much and without breaking the bank. Its not as if we are deliberating over who could replace Britt's 20 goals a season return.

I agree that there does come a point where we have to cut our losses and go in a different direction. But the problem is finding that value for money, you either go the route of taking a punt on a young player from a division or two below, but then you may end up in a situation where they aren't as good. Then you are in the cycle of hoping they get better ala Fletcher. Or you end up looking abroad for someone but again you could end up in a similar situation.

Using Britt as an example he's been in the top 30 top scorers in league for the past 3 seasons with us (not including this one). But you only have to look at the other strikers in that top 30 and the money they were either signed for or have been sold for, to see it's incredibly hard to find someone that can have a similar output for less money.

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1 hour ago, DanFromDownSouth said:

it's incredibly hard to find someone that can have a similar output for less money.

Its not an easy one but Britt isn't offering anything exceptional or indeed a contribution that we would struggle to replace. Johnson and Watmore have both offered more this season and cost significantly less, Akpom arguably offers a similar return and again hasn't cost anything like Britt (only 50% of a Fletcher). 

https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/middlesbrough/top-scorers#:~:text= Rank , 4 7 more rows

If we brought in Grosicki and kept hold of Watmore and then Britt say was attracted by a West Brom or a Burnley or even a Norwich then I'd be happy. Trouble is that it's unlikely that those clubs linked with a semi fit Watmore at the minute would be interested in Britt. Bring in a budget big lad from lower down the Leagues to throw up front and I'd wager that we would be better off purely on the basis that we aren't exactly gambling with out Crown Jewels.

Of course we now face the likelihood of a hungry Boro Striker(s) playing for a new contract (here or elsewhere) from now until the end of the season and going on a scoring streak, hopefully starting tonight.

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@Redcar Rioja This season is agree that Britt hasn't produced as he arguably should. But obviously that comes with caveats, tactical approach, build up play, formation etc.

My original comment of saying it would be hard to replace his output for less money was more in reference to the full seasons he has played in for us in the past. His output in those seasons would have been incredibly difficult to replace at a similar or lower cost.

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I can see Britt leaving in the sumer to go to Turkey/USA for a deal closer to what he's getting here. I can see Fletcher accepting a lesser contract which I slightly further subsidised by our savings from Britt - but likely not until much later in the season. 

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    • Last season Bola played 41 games out of 46, which is pretty good. Fry started 32 out of the first 38, but then missed the last 8 games - presumably one injury. The season before, Fry started 36 games with two short spells out (¬†Bola wasn‚Äôt¬†bring picked a lot that season from memory.) So for those two, this season may be just unlucky, poor fitness management, as Wilder has suggested, or bringing them back too quickly after injury. There doesn‚Äôt seem to be a long term repeated history of injuries. Dijk does seem to miss more games though.
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