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Huddersfield Town V Boro 3-2 ( Johnson, Assombalonga))

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Just now, TeaCider24 said:

Funny to be disappointed that one of their players goes off injured.

We're mean, aren't we...  It didn't look that serious, though.

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I would like Maddison to say "*** poor power" ... Then I might die from laughing.

That accent 😁🤪

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    • 1.       Did Sunday’s game make you wish you’d never got into football in the first place? No, but it was the lowest I've felt after a game for a long time, probably compounded by lockdown etc  2.       Since we lost the last game, should we be expecting to win this one? Yes, NW will have them firing and I think we'll see a performance similar to the Forest game. 3.       Can you name eleven fit Boro players and put them into some semblance of a formation? 3-4-3 Bettinelli Mcnair Wood Bola Spence Howson Saville Coulson Roberts Watmore Akpom 4.       If we could resign one Boro player from the last ten years, who would it be, and why? If we could resign someone at the same age/condition we signed them initially then i'd say Leadbitter. I think he'd thrive under Warnock and bring some much needed leadership. If it's someone who's still in the game then it would have to be Traore. 5.       Have you been in an accident in the last five years that wasn’t your fault? No.
    • 1. No, but it completely ruined the match for me and I'm still angry now. 2. It's a game we absolutely should be winning, but then so was Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday etc... 3. Bit worried about Wood likely starting after his performance yesterday, but I expect he'll be better prepared this time. 4. Traore, he'd tear this league apart. 5. I actually don't think I have!
    • It seems most January windows end with Gibson having a call to make on what he wants to do. I hope we have a Jordon Rhodes/Ramirez week rather than  a Gestede week.
    • I think I will still be in shock and disbelief about the last game till after this game, regardless of whether we win or lose. 
    • 1: No, but I was close to vomiting. 2: Yes 3: Bets, Hows, Wood, McNair, Bola -- Morsy, Saville, Watmore, Roberts, Britt, Chuba 4: Bamford - He is what we need at the moment .. Someone who can finish and make it look clever at the same time. 5: No accidents  
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