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Huddersfield Town V Boro 3-2 ( Johnson, Assombalonga))

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We'll be absolutely kicking ourselves if we don't win here, could have scored a hatful and then concede a soft one.

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Just now, TheJew said:

Britt has been absolutely dire this half.

Actually think outside of the misses he's been alright. Making clever runs, made a good few layoffs.


As for the goal, think Bettinelli has to do better, gets two hands on it.

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Bleh...well that was coming.

We were giving Huddersfield too much possession, time and space.

We were looking good until we scored, then we just sat back and let them come at us. While we're good at soaking up pressure and pressing, doing it for too long just invites trouble.

Warnock needs to find away to get Boro back on an attacking footing. The odd counter-attack when they give the ball away isn't enough.

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    • "advisory capacity (Jepson and Blackwell anyone?"  This is actually what I think will happen.  OK - I'll say non-british manager. Hope I am wrong, just don't think he will after AK/Orta etc... Which I agree was a success in my opinion and I wish he hadn't ripped it all up after AK left.
    • I think you have nailed it billy. If Warnock chooses not to stay on as manager I think he will be replaced by Blackwell and Jepson. It’s sticking out to me anyway 
    • I like it @DurhamRed nothing like a bit of positivity on a Tuesday morning. Come on Boro let’s get a nice big win tonight 
    • I think Gibson is happy to stick with Warnock and the only reason that he’ll be looking for a new manager is if Warnock decides to either leave or stay in an advisory capacity (Jepson and Blackwell anyone?) I think it’s unfair on Gibson to say he’d never employ a foreign manager, I don’t think he’s that narrow minded and you could hardly call Karanka’s tenure here a failure.  On that basis are we assuming he’ll never employ another Scottish manager after the Strachan fiasco? “Foreign” is a catch all slightly xenophobic term, maybe Gibbo wouldn’t employ a feisty Latino manager  from Spain, Italy, Portugal or South America, but what's to say he wouldn’t employ a methodical German a progressive Scandinavian manager or a tactical Dutchman?
    • I think football will be in a state of flux for the next couple of seasons. Brexit could change the market completely for English clubs. There will be alot of out of work footballers out there and NW seems pretty good at persuading people to come play for him. I'd be happy with Warnock to steer us through for the next 2 years, then when things return to normal we need to look at a long term plan.  I think he will stay with the aim of getting us promoted, if he can, then defining that plan may be easier with a few quid behind us.  If he does leave, with the squad we have now I think we would need another experienced head. I doubt Gibson will go foreign again so Howe or Cook for me.  If he goes with a rookie again, I can see him going for John Terry. If he does go rookie, he needs an old head as number 2.  
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