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Huddersfield Town V Boro 3-2 ( Johnson, Assombalonga))

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10 hours ago, DurhamRed said:

Interesting side Huddersfield as stated they trying to implement a Bielsa style of football. However they are very inconsistent so it's important we get on top in the early stages don't let then get any confidence then we should do alright get another win on the board.Think Spence & Johnson will come in for Roberts and Watmore apart from that be unchanged side.

Unfortunately they are lacking one very important ingredient...Bielsa! 😁

A laudable aim, but I don't think they are going to become the new Leeds any time soon.


I'd keep the same lineup, as far as possible, only making changes for fitness, injuries etc. We should certainly be looking to win this game and I'm fairly optimistic we will.

The Terriers have scored a decent amount of goals, but our defence has kept clean sheets against some of the best sides in the league. Don't expect it to be easy, but I reckon we'll come away with a 2-1 win.


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Game Details: Venue: John Smith Stadium (or if your prefer Kirklees Stadium) Huddersfield Date: Saturday 28th November 2020 Kick off: 1500hrs or 3pm f you do not understand the 24 hour

That’s because it happened 10 minutes before you actually witnessed it. 

With the amount of Subs now allowed I wouldn't be surprised if NW threw the gauntlet down to Roberts and Watmore after the Johnson and Spence cameos the other night and started with them again. With m

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Not denigrating Bielsa in any significant way, he is good for the game and I would rather watch positive football than negative, but he is not a miracle worker, for such a long career, he has not achieved the success you would expect. Might be his personality or just what he had to work with, but he has relatively few honours against his name compared to some and what works for one person or team, might not work for another. Huddersfield are like us, a work in progress, and hopefully the fact that we are building from the back towards the front gives us the edge. Think it will be a close game, but we definitely have the chance to edge it if we play as we can.    

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Looking at the predictions thread people certainly think Boro are favourites. I've predicted a win as I think we will have enough about us to see of their attacking threat and score a goal ourselves.

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Hope that we can continue on the goals trail after Wednesday. Surely we won't play a worse side this season than Derby, though. 

I imagine the boss will put Marv and Spence back in from the start but I think both Roberts and Watmore would benefit from the game time, Watmore especially. You could tell he hadn't played since February. Lad looked knackered when he came off. 


2-0 Boro, Tav FGS. 

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As others have said, I would guess that the team that finished the derby game will likely start this fixture, with those who were subbed being introduced late on.

The 5 subs rule allows us to comfortably rotate an entire attacking setup. Very useful if you have a good enough manager to utilise it.

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With the amount of Subs now allowed I wouldn't be surprised if NW threw the gauntlet down to Roberts and Watmore after the Johnson and Spence cameos the other night and started with them again. With match fitness a question mark over both I would guess he would rather start with them and then plan to take them off when tiring rather than maybe having to put them on early as a Sub if an injury occurred.

Warnock seems very protective of his players and the risk of them picking up injuries which is why I think he may start with Roberts and Watmore as it gives him more in-game control. The obvious choice would be if he started with those that finished on Wednesday night but I suspect he will want to keep morale high across the squad and keep faith in Watmore and Roberts knowing that he can fall back on Johnson and Spence. Whatever he goes with he has my confidence and trust which is something I don't think I have felt about a Boro Manager in a very long time.

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@Redcar Rioja I'd start with the same team that started against Derby, partly for the reasons you mentioned above in terms of ability for NW to control the game. But also I can imagine the first 60 minutes of today being a very tight game. Huddersfield play a similar style to us in terms of a man to man system (If you believe the Brentford head coach), and I can envisage them being compact in defence and matching us 1 on 1.

With Roberts, Tav and Whatmore behind the lone striker they (in my opinion) are more likely to unlock a compact defence than if Johnson or Spence were starting. If we can entice Huddersfield to push forwards and move away from their marking style later in the game, that's when I'd bring Johnson and Spence on, that way they can exploit the space that will open up. If we can nick a goal before that point Huddersfield may open up sooner in pursuit of the equaliser. 

I think the first goal today will decide the winner of the game. I have a hunch we'll win this game 0-2.

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Well it's game day and finally I am looking forward to watching the Boro again.

Yes the games come thick and fast but it is a bonus when you really do look forward to the matches.

Such a difference a year makes.

3 away points are due so why not today?


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