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Huddersfield Town V Boro 3-2 ( Johnson, Assombalonga))

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Good work again from Howson getting into the box there, man looks shattered but finds a second wind. Daft challenge from Huddersfield defender. Don't even know if he catches him to be fair.

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1 minute ago, DevKWat said:

Patrick Roberts if you’re reading this just cancel the loan and go back, he deserves far better than the treatment he’s getting 

Unbelieveable! If he can't get game time in a situation like this, what is he doing at the club?


Close but no cigar from a McNair free kick. At least we're doing some attacking...

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    • 1. No, but it completely ruined the match for me and I'm still angry now. 2. It's a game we absolutely should be winning, but then so was Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday etc... 3. Bit worried about Wood likely starting after his performance yesterday, but I expect he'll be better prepared this time. 4. Traore, he'd tear this league apart. 5. I actually don't think I have!
    • It seems most January windows end with Gibson having a call to make on what he wants to do. I hope we have a Jordon Rhodes/Ramirez week rather than  a Gestede week.
    • I think I will still be in shock and disbelief about the last game till after this game, regardless of whether we win or lose. 
    • 1: No, but I was close to vomiting. 2: Yes 3: Bets, Hows, Wood, McNair, Bola -- Morsy, Saville, Watmore, Roberts, Britt, Chuba 4: Bamford - He is what we need at the moment .. Someone who can finish and make it look clever at the same time. 5: No accidents  
    • Is there a website link showing those stats? If he has only sent 7 players off and 4 of them are Boro players then it seems very alarming. Staggering if true.
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