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Huddersfield Town V Boro 3-2 ( Johnson, Assombalonga))

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Well that didn’t last long ffs

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It's very difficult to see if there is a touch on Britt there, the lad does stretch his leg out and doesn't connect with the ball. Whether he touches Britt on the hell or something, I don't know.

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    • 1: Team and formation? Same same. Can't change after such a showing. I'd like to see Tav central with Johnson on the wing but I can't drop any of Sav, Morsy and Howson after wednesday. 2: Is it good to change a winning team? Depends on circumstances but generally no. 3: Will Morsy get another yellow card for just being Morsy? Think he will give it a bit of a rest and avoid a card. 4: Can Britt follow up on an above par performance? Yes. He'll bag a brace. 5: Is Saville finally going to be what we bought him for.. A goal contributer? 4 goals and 4 assists so far... It's certainly looking better now. 6: Iron Maiden or Def Leppard? Not even a contest. Maiden all the way. 7: Our last handful of games this season are easy on paper .. If we keep within reach of the play off spots .. Can we push for it in the last 8-10 games? I think we can, but I'm afraid we'll just miss out. 8: Who is this mystery signing (winger who can play as a striker)? No idea. But my guess is Kebano.
    • The preparation for a specific match is probably a bit more important than we think. That is also what separates the good managers from the bad. The ability to drill into the team how to beat an upcoming opponent. We were woefully prepared under Woodgate and that has changed dramatically under a more proven manager. Granted he also gets outsmarted or gets his tactics all wrong, but I'm not going to deny that a lack of proper preparation with the team had an adverse effect on how we dealt with Birmingham. It was a woeful performance though so I'm going to split it 50/50 between inconsitency and lack of preparation.
    • we are inconsistent but we have Big J back in midfield.  first game back and it was like he never went away motm by a mile. when some of the younger lads are struggling to pass 5 yards he gets the ball and slips his markers carries the ball miles, plays in key passes making it look easy. he surely has lifted squad coming back into the team.  results will improve now. wouldnt be surprised to go on another winning run now. think we'll beat norwich to. they rode their luck last time out. we'll have them this time. blackburn have fell away we can win that one to.
    • Need to get back to winning ways at home so massive game and certainly no sentiments for former Boro associates. We are hot and cold with results so need to be hot, hot, hot again!
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