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Huddersfield Town V Boro 3-2 ( Johnson, Assombalonga))

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Game Details: Venue: John Smith Stadium (or if your prefer Kirklees Stadium) Huddersfield Date: Saturday 28th November 2020 Kick off: 1500hrs or 3pm f you do not understand the 24 hour

That’s because it happened 10 minutes before you actually witnessed it. 

With the amount of Subs now allowed I wouldn't be surprised if NW threw the gauntlet down to Roberts and Watmore after the Johnson and Spence cameos the other night and started with them again. With m

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10 minutes ago, BillyWoofs_shinpad said:

It will be interesting to see how well we start. I missed the last match due to work commitments, so I’m hoping this one will be a good watch. 

We'll have to test this - if you miss another game and we also score 3 goals then, I'm afraid we'll have to ban you from all future games!

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Understand the logic of starting Johnson and Spence, would also be difficult for NW to ask them to sit on the bench after the impact they made last time out. But if the game pans out how I think it will, I think this would be the perfect game to bring both off from the bench and start with Roberts and Watmore.

Hope that I'm wrong though and Johnson and Spence can make an impact from the off. But I don't think they'll be afforded the same amount of space they had to exploit in the last 30 minutes of the Derby game. 

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    • Aw come on, Transfermarkt only has him down as being worth €17m! 
    • Bournemouth, Southampton, Leicester City ,Sheffield United, Norwich, Watford, Burnley, Leeds, Aston Villa, Wolves, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Fulham, West Brom we used to be on a very even par with them all and I would suggest above par at certain times. In relation to this season where the hell did it go so wrong with those teams above though yes I accept that we will be playing against 3 of them next season we all know we did not set the world alight with last seasons relegated clubs. Ok yes I am living in the past somewhat but still believe we could still be at their level and competeing with them all
    • In fairness to Gibson, he's not likely going to invest a lot of money while Warnock is in charge. I expect he'll be given a modest transfer budget...just a bit more than he had this season. Its not going to be another Garry Monk spending spree, thats for sure. At the moment I think the club is in damage limitation mode until they can get fans back in the stadium and money coming through the turnstiles. I think its a case of better the devil you know. We're not likely to improve much next season, but another mid-table finish will do while the club gets back on its feet financially and is in a position to attract a better standard of manager. I mean, if you were a talented and ambitious manager, would you look at Boro as a good career move right now?  
    • Indeed. We can point to lack of quality and strength in depth, (which definitely were factors), but how often did Boro concede ridiculously soft goals, either due to inept keeping or defending...basic schoolboy errors? If we'd at least been decently organised at the back, (not watertight - just decent), we might well be looking forward to the play-offs.  
    • We finished exactly where I expected us to, in all honesty. Always found the talk of play offs baffling when we just about stayed up last year and didn't improve the squad in any meaningful way.  You can get promoted with average players and a great manager (likes of Leeds, Sheff Utd, Burnley) or you can just have a bigger squad with much better players than everyone else (Bournemouth, Watford, WBA, Fulham etc). Then you get Wolves, Norwich, Newcastle that have both and walk the league.  We had the money to make a bigger, better squad than everyone else and blew it... We've also had about 5 opportunities to get the manager right. Now we have neither and that won't be changing over the summer, so I think people need to be realistic. Is Gibson working behind the scenes to bring in an ambitious, upcoming Bundesliga manager to take over Warnock's steady mid-table ship? Find it hard to believe personally.  Foreign billionaire fancies an investment in the north east? Again, highly doubt it... and careful what you wish for anyway and all that. We're a mid-table Championship side until a big catalyst comes in. 

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