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Huddersfield Town V Boro 3-2 ( Johnson, Assombalonga))

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5 minutes ago, Robin Johnson said:

Reading beaten Brizzle easily 3-1

Should’ve been 4 as well. Meite missed a completely open header with a completely open goal. 

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10 minutes ago, BillyWoofs_shinpad said:

It will be interesting to see how well we start. I missed the last match due to work commitments, so I’m hoping this one will be a good watch. 

We'll have to test this - if you miss another game and we also score 3 goals then, I'm afraid we'll have to ban you from all future games!

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Understand the logic of starting Johnson and Spence, would also be difficult for NW to ask them to sit on the bench after the impact they made last time out. But if the game pans out how I think it will, I think this would be the perfect game to bring both off from the bench and start with Roberts and Watmore.

Hope that I'm wrong though and Johnson and Spence can make an impact from the off. But I don't think they'll be afforded the same amount of space they had to exploit in the last 30 minutes of the Derby game. 

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Just now, Brunners said:

Some classic championship camera work there.

Imagine trying to make tight var decisions with that camera work to look at!

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    • Warnock isn't a guarantee of promotion. In the modern era (last 25 years) he's won 3 and he's managed pretty much consistently for that time. Hes not a magic wand that will get you promoted every time.
    • If we swap Managers again we are back to where we have been too many times lately, a squad of players with a manager who will have his own ideas and preferences who will take a few months to weigh them all up then decide our strikers are garbage, he needs a new midfield (no doubt to add to the ones we already have) and so on and so on. In an ideal world I'd love a swashbuckling entertaining manager to see us winning 4-3 every week but in the harsh commercial reality that we are living in SG will quite rightly seek to minimise spending and costs. The best solution in that case is Warnock, he gets crocks and out of favour players and builds a team with them. He somehow consistently manages to get promotions with them as well. Yes he has occasionally spent big money and they haven't always worked out but that applies to every single club and manager in the world of football. If anything it's his budget acquisitions that work out best. If there was a 10/10 solution in terms of management we couldn't afford them anyway, Warnock at this level is probably a 7 or 8/10 and in terms of achieving the aim probably as good as any and better than most. If he stays I would comfortably be expecting promotion within two years (from now). I haven't got that same confident feeling with say a Lampard as an example. Wagner would be even more negative than Warnock so we can cross that one off unless we want really soul destroying football while grinding out promotion. I doubt Eddie Howe would want to come up here plus I reckon he could Cherry pick (pun intended).  Put yourself in SG's shoes for a minute. Brexit has severely disrupted and caused additional costs and aggravation for haulage companies, Rockliffe lost their insurance claim for Covid disruption and has been haemorrhaging money for years. MFC have played out twelve months with all the associated wages and overheads with no paying customers. He has a Manager who is getting on with it and who he knows knows what he is doing and will like as not have his team ion the top six next season or even top two and won't throw his toys out because he can't spend serious money because he is old school and realises that bills have to be paid. Who is he going to get that would in all reality deliver a better outcome for the here and now? I would love to see fast paced, slick passing football and the goals fly in but with that taking three or four years to mature with no guarantee that it even would and the likelihood that the same manager will have the fans on his back within seven or eight months if we are sliding down the table its a gamble. Of course it may work from day one and we run away with the Championship but for it to work needs investment in recruitment, scouting and of course purchasing players with those skill sets which if it is done on a budget has an even longer time period in all likelihood for it to work. Meanwhile SG has Neil Warnock who will frustrate, no doubt agitate at times and even create despair and anguish but is probably nailed on to get promotion or at least top six consistently and on a shoestring budget (comparatively speaking compared to past Boro managers).  
    • Marco Silva (Ex Hull, Everton and Benfica) would be my number 1 choice but we all know it won't happen as Gibson won't go foreign management again. Pearson was my choice in the summer but we all knew Warnock was going to be given an extension. I wanted the 3year long term plan last summer as it was ideal opportunity because of the out of contract players leaving. Additionally, we all knew this season was going to be a free pass because of the lack of money throughout the league. We need someone who has experience of the league and is relatively young enough to adapt.  Howe would be excellent, but no way could we attract someone like him. Fans need to be realistic and accept we are not the driving force we once were and the job isn't attractive as it was. I have literally no faith in Gibson making key football decisions for this club anymore, and that's why we keep going round in circles.
    • You'd think if they were going to sack him, they'd have done it by now, but I would be a fan of Chris Wilder, even accounting for this season.
    • 100% agree...  though wouldn't mind swapping Pigbag for Ride of the Valkyries 🙂
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