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Huddersfield Town V Boro 3-2 ( Johnson, Assombalonga))

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5 minutes ago, Robin Johnson said:

Reading beaten Brizzle easily 3-1

Should’ve been 4 as well. Meite missed a completely open header with a completely open goal. 

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10 minutes ago, BillyWoofs_shinpad said:

It will be interesting to see how well we start. I missed the last match due to work commitments, so I’m hoping this one will be a good watch. 

We'll have to test this - if you miss another game and we also score 3 goals then, I'm afraid we'll have to ban you from all future games!

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Understand the logic of starting Johnson and Spence, would also be difficult for NW to ask them to sit on the bench after the impact they made last time out. But if the game pans out how I think it will, I think this would be the perfect game to bring both off from the bench and start with Roberts and Watmore.

Hope that I'm wrong though and Johnson and Spence can make an impact from the off. But I don't think they'll be afforded the same amount of space they had to exploit in the last 30 minutes of the Derby game. 

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Just now, Brunners said:

Some classic championship camera work there.

Imagine trying to make tight var decisions with that camera work to look at!

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