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3 minutes ago, Borodane said:

And a third for Barnsley. I honestly think they are on such a high that they won’t drop out of the top 6. Just flying. 

I still think they will get nervous, entering the last 5-7 games, when they HAVE to deliver to keep their position .. 

We might not get in top 6, but I am confident that either Barnsley or Reading will slip

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I'm just imagining Woody giving the exact same presentation he gave here but because he couldn't work out how to delete the Boro Badge and replace it with a Bournemouth badge it's just this on every p

If Mogga wishes to walk away from management I would be all over him being our chief scout. He can then happily live back home and go spot some talent for us. He has always had a good knack of fi

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Just now, TLF10 said:

Millwall from 2 nil up are now losing 3-2 at QPR.

Hopefully that's them playing for nothing but vacation on Saturday!

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10 minutes ago, SmogDane said:

Mowatt's red was a straight one, which might give a good ban

3 games which means he back for game v Us

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I love the new manager bounce, finally worked in our favour rather than against us.

Birmingham beat Reading, we've closed the gap on the play-offs back to 5 points.

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11 minutes ago, macapes said:

Reading have some big games in the run in:  Swansea, Norwich, Barnsley and Watford.  There's a lot of points there to be lost.

Well after Millwall away we have Bournemouth away, watford home and Barnsley away so hardly an easy run ourselves. The Bournemouth game could be a season decider. 

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    • That one reminds me of Paul Robinson scoring with a free kick from just outside his own box. Think he beat The Cycling GK Ben Foster with that one.
    • @DurhamRedi get that concern but at moment if you look at the possible first 11. We got Dijksteel, Fry, Bola and Tav all under 25. Add to that Lumley and Paddy who are both 26. That is 6 out my first 11 that are 26 or under.  In terms of 30 or above we only really have Howson and Morsy.  And Hall but I dont think Hall starts if Fry and Paddy are both fit. A bit more experience probably wont do us any harm in terms of grinding out results. Fully respect some posters might not see it that way mind  
    • It's more because this is the route I want the club to go down sign players with potential not 30 year olds who are passed their peak. That is the case with Smith and hoillet 
    • Just seen Hull close to signing Dion Charles from Accrington, he's one of the standout L1 strikers in my opinion would've liked us to have a look 
    • If distance is all that matters, then hard to beat this one 🙂

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