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Damp proof exterior paint

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    • 12:30 KO and an away game to boot...    
    • Mad if I don’t know he is a decent Championship player? Hardly worth biting to this outrageous comment. Lets be clear, on all known knowledge of this guy, his 21 games in the Championship with Villa he hardly covered himself in glory. Dig a bit, the general consensus of his time was he played 2 decent games, scoring 2 goals. So moving on by 2 years you believe he is decent? Comical. What I see is a hope and a prayer from posters believing this guy can do a job for us. Desperation personified.
    • Completely forgot about last night's game...seeing the result and the comments on the thread, I'm glad I did! All I can say is "Typical Boro" - losing another game we should have won fairly comfortably. Maybe this will finally make those people going on about promotion and the play-offs reconsider our aims for this season. Said it before and I'll say it again, we're far too inconsistent. On our day we're a match for anyone in the league...unfortunately our days only seem to occur every other match (or a bit less than that).
    • It was an avoidable one. The less you go around kicking people in the head, the less likely you are to injure anyone. Again...a good lesson to learn.
    • Frick that came about quickly. 🙁 I’ll be good to go Al 👍
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