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Nottingham Forest v Boro 1-2 (Assombalonga, Saville)

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This is why the majority of people throughout football love Warnock! 

A strange game but a good three points. Today I owe Brit, credit to him. I learnt something new tonight, Hitler is a Brazilian.  Well I’m behind with some work so I need to pop upstairs to my office

So, it's time again .. the time where Assombalonga misses more sitters than on a normal day, cause we are away to Nottingham Forest, his former club. I'm just glad we never play Peterborough! It's t

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1 minute ago, Brunners said:

IMO that shows that Morsys reputation earned his booking, no way his was any worse than Dijksteels.

Aye, maybe. I think it might have been Morsy's use of his arm to block his man though. He can't have been far off elbowing the lad.

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I like Britt, don't like knocking him (even though I already did that this thread!) but he should have buried that header, again nobody particularly challenging him and he hits the post. Unlucky that it didnt go in off the post, but still.

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1 minute ago, TheJew said:

Tav looks unplayable tonight.

Yeah, I'm honestly not that fussed about Tav playing wide right at the moment. I think he's good enough to play anywhere in midfield as it is. Maybe we'd be better with Johnson in the side, Watmore other side and Tav in the middle but I don't think Tav is really held back playing where he is right now, so long as we make sure to cover marauding full-backs better than we did against Brum.

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We've had lots of chances to score here, but I'm worried Forest come out with more focus in the 2nd half. It's hard to see this ending 0-1. 

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3 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

That was sodding hilarious from Britt and Samba.

Just came in from kitchen to see that, So many of our players in their box I thought it was in our box 

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    • Ha! Yes - Warnock doesn't strike me as a "Golden Thread" kind of guy. I guess the idea had to be abandoned once he was brought in. But other clubs have made similar philosophies work for them and I'd hope it is resurrected in the near future. Though maybe, as you say, our chairman and board simply aren't smart enough to see the benefits.  
    • Do you have a link? You probably posted it earlier but I'm very lazy 
    • I think the fact that Bevington left within months of that woodgate press conference and then woodgate was replaced with Warnock a couple of months after that shows that it was likely a difference in philosophy between the chairman and him. I could be wrong but knowing the personality of Gibson it just seems that that was how it probably went. 
    • Ha ha No I was the one who was shaking his head at the comment! Would be good to get your opinions on the station 👍👍. I was the one who was blasting Warnock 
    • Either that or they had the idea, but then were completely clueless as to how to implement it properly. Its all very well having an idea, but in order for it to work, you then have to draw up a detailed plan of what needs to happen and who is going to do which tasks. Stuff like costs and timelines also usually figure in there somewhere. We heard a lot about the idea, but very little about its execution. If they wanted Boro to be the English Ajax, maybe sending someone over to talk to the club and look at their methods might have helped? 🤷‍♂️ For the record, I really wish it had worked. I would have loved to see our academy finally fulfilling its intended purpose of turning out youngsters good enough to step into the first team and push the club onwards, instead of paying over the odds for big name players who probably don't really want to be there.  

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