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Nottingham Forest v Boro 1-2 (Assombalonga, Saville)

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This is why the majority of people throughout football love Warnock! 

A strange game but a good three points. Today I owe Brit, credit to him. I learnt something new tonight, Hitler is a Brazilian.  Well I’m behind with some work so I need to pop upstairs to my office

So, it's time again .. the time where Assombalonga misses more sitters than on a normal day, cause we are away to Nottingham Forest, his former club. I'm just glad we never play Peterborough! It's t

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Better than I expected if I'm honest.

Forest seemed to have more possession and controlled the game for long spells, but rarely threatened the Boro goal.

Boro had to chase a lot but looked good on the counter and created the better chances...took 1 but could have had 2 or even 3 with better final balls / finishing.

Game got rather niggly towards the end...lots of fouls and a few cards given out. Wouldn't be surprised if there are 1 or 2 reds given 2nd half.

Don't think Warnock will have too much to say in the dressing room, beyond more of the same and stay calm - avoid any daft / needless bookings.


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Good first half. We are definitely playing a lot better than Saturday (which isn’t hard I suppose). The weather seems to be getting worse so anything could happen in the second half 

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Decent first half. We're the only championship away team to score so far tonight. 

Keep it tight and nick another goal or two second half and I'll be very happy.

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15 minutes ago, BoroJake said:

Could see that sow getting sent off second half. Already on a yellow and fouled with a yellow I think

They subbed him off 😞

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I think they have had more possession but with better finishing we should be two goals clear, possibly three. 
It got a bit aggressive at times but with a ref who will want to take control and show his authority  it’s not a time to retaliate. 
Just concerned with the amount of chasing about we don’t tire or decide to protect the one goal lead

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    • Ha! Yes - Warnock doesn't strike me as a "Golden Thread" kind of guy. I guess the idea had to be abandoned once he was brought in. But other clubs have made similar philosophies work for them and I'd hope it is resurrected in the near future. Though maybe, as you say, our chairman and board simply aren't smart enough to see the benefits.  
    • Do you have a link? You probably posted it earlier but I'm very lazy 
    • I think the fact that Bevington left within months of that woodgate press conference and then woodgate was replaced with Warnock a couple of months after that shows that it was likely a difference in philosophy between the chairman and him. I could be wrong but knowing the personality of Gibson it just seems that that was how it probably went. 
    • Ha ha No I was the one who was shaking his head at the comment! Would be good to get your opinions on the station 👍👍. I was the one who was blasting Warnock 

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