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Fancy playing something new on my PlayStation I have most been playing fifa pes and both the last of us games which were epic, can anyone recommend anything? 

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    • All-seater stadium? Bloody luxury! When I were a lad we had to sit on cold concrete steps and be grateful! 30k crowds for Premier League fixtures? I remember when Boro played in front of two blokes and a dog! And one of 'em were the bloody groundsman! Youngsters today don't know they're born...    
    • Exactly, every time we change manager, we throw the baby out with the bathwater, tear up whatever plan was in place and start from scratch. Instead of looking at what worked and what didn't, keeping what was good and building around that. Or at least building around some core philosophy. If Karanka were a decent man manager, he'd have been ideal to rebuild around for another shot at the PL. Instead Boro have pinballed their way through season after season with new managers, short-term fixes and apparently little planning other than to keep the club's head above water financially. I think it is glaringly obvious (except, sadly, to the people that matter) that Boro desperately need someone like Webber, who can think long term and draw up a plan that will allow the club to progress, even if it includes the odd setback. Funny really, you would think someone who's been in the business as long as Gibson has, might have picked some ideas from some of his peers. Or maybe he just hasn't been rubbing shoulders with the right people? Or maybe he really is just stubborn and refuses to relinquish any control?  
    • A bit like half the squad then.
    • https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/transfer-news/norwich-city-promotion-bournemouth-championship-20334964
    • I was about to start and point out how lucky and pampered you lot have been for a long long time Most have you won't know what a third division stadium looks like nor what it s like to sit on the steps in the Holgate at half time 'cause there's no one much about and the first half was garbage .........  and we're losing again   Then I thought I can't be bothered

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