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Boro v Bristol City 1-3 (Fry)

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I swear to God, some of you guys love to swim around in all the agony.  Some of you even swim around on your backs, using a straw to take small sips from the Lake of Agony, then guggeling the nice war

As long as we give him the best boots. 

I for one hope Warnock stays next season. Majority of people were happy/expected mid table when he took over. Now we are there and achieving that, you all want him out?  This squad isn’t very good,

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Typical with Boro players this as soon as they’re praised their *** fall out!

Fry has been appalling tonight, but the entire team has been... these were here for the taking and we just haven’t performed.

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Just now, TeaCider24 said:

What the *** is going on with our defending tonight?

It's been an absolute shambles.

They're basically getting free fun after free run on goal.

McNair was 10 yards ahead of the guy I assume he’s supposed to be marking. 

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Every one of our defenders come out of this game ashamed. It's been awful. 

Attackers not mcuh better but that's to be expected..and once again our midfield goes being anonymous and a complete liability.



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