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Boro v Bristol City 1-3 (Fry)

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I swear to God, some of you guys love to swim around in all the agony.  Some of you even swim around on your backs, using a straw to take small sips from the Lake of Agony, then guggeling the nice war

As long as we give him the best boots. 

I for one hope Warnock stays next season. Majority of people were happy/expected mid table when he took over. Now we are there and achieving that, you all want him out?  This squad isn’t very good,

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Another massive game, glad Pearson is only in the stands but I still expect Bristol City to be better than their current form.

I think there'll be a few changes, and I'm hoping we continue our mini run of form.

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28 minutes ago, Rioch's Braves said:

Bristol City are on the crest of a slump, we need to win this in our quest for automatic promotion 😀 

Don't mention quest to me😉

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21 minutes ago, SouthernSmoggie said:

Can't remember a season when we were this hard to predict?

We've had good runs under Warnock then been turned over by poor sides... so who knows. No result would really shock me today! 

What, even match abandoned 56 mins, second coming of Christ?

That just jogged a memory there.  Does anyone remember that programme on years back where Christopher Ecclestone did that at Maine Road?

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    • Agree. Also its not just a strong first XI we need, if we want to push for promotion we're also going to to need decent cover on the bench.
    • Pretty depressing reading these posts, I have to say. If any of these rumours are true, we're gonna end up losing some of our best players, along with the dead wood. Just another reason for me not to have any hope next season, if Warnock is also alienating them, by continuing not to pick them when fit, or throwing them under the bus in press conferences. I guess we'll find out if he knows what he's doing come pre-season, but right now its not looking too clever.  
    • Utterly baffling and the whole clique situation also smacks of poor player management...something Warnock was supposed to be good at. Like a few others here I decided not to bother watching when I saw the starting lineup. His decision to bring Britt on almost seems like taking the mickey. Considering our season is over, as far as achieving anything is concerned, why on Earth not blood a few youngsters, or give more fringe players game time, just to see if there are any capable of stepping up and filling the gaps? I mean he's got nothing more to learn about the players that started yesterday (Archer apart). If there are indeed cliques in the squad, surely the best way to nullify them, (in the short term, at least) is to make significant changes? Treat our remaining fixtures the way PL teams do early cup ties...  
    • Just another sticking plaster to issues that run deep within the club and we have been repeating our selves which seems like forever 
    • I think Chuba has every right to not want to play for Warnock after his comments about him a few weeks back...

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