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Boro v Bristol City 1-3 (Fry)

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On 2/23/2021 at 9:26 PM, Uwe said:

This may sound weird but they weren’t better than us more of a fact that we were a lot worse than them (if that makes sense) 

I don't think our problems are all up front, The good teams are built from the back, Fry is not a rock...Good but not a commanding rock...From my time I remember Boam, Mobray, Whyte, Southgate, Pallister to name a few, Teams were built around these men

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I swear to God, some of you guys love to swim around in all the agony.  Some of you even swim around on your backs, using a straw to take small sips from the Lake of Agony, then guggeling the nice war

As long as we give him the best boots. 

I for one hope Warnock stays next season. Majority of people were happy/expected mid table when he took over. Now we are there and achieving that, you all want him out?  This squad isn’t very good,

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    • It's a percentage game for him, one or two will result in a goal eventually but for the most he does not look for others in much better positions the highlight yesterday clearly showing that. It is frustrating but I understand why he does mess up so much possession when he has the ball
    • I was shouting at the screen each time he got the ball in an attacking position - so wasteful with long shots rather than trying to create.  
    • Yeah, extra spring in my step this morning as well for the second time in a few days, Mind you its pay day for me as well so that could be a factor! Not sure how anybody could have a moan after that, We created loads of chances. Could have & should have won about 8-3!  Very entertaining game. A mention for the officials as well. I thought they were excellent. How often have we said that this season.  
    • I enjoyed the match last night. We look decent when we play on the ground instead of high balls to nowhere. I know it doesn’t suit Warnock’s new narrative about having no defenders, but McNair is very classy at the back, I much prefer him there to MF. Thought Howson and Peltier were good as well.  We haven’t had a player with the universal backing of the crowd for years. It’s fantastic to see it with Payero. People genuinely want to see him do well, there’s excitement when he gets into good positions and not one moan or groan if he misses a pass or makes a mistake. I think that’s really giving him added confidence. I think there’s still a lot more to come from him but it’s exciting to see him making this progress. 
    • https://www.skysports.com/football/middlesbrough-vs-barnsley/video/447490   Not as long as the Peterborough highlights What it does show is how greedy Tav is at times others in scoring positions had he looked. Bamba may have a case but would have been the slightest of touches! Watmore will always be known for that miss of the season.............so far! To actually highlight it shows how bad it was!

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