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Boro v Bristol City 1-3 (Fry)

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I swear to God, some of you guys love to swim around in all the agony.  Some of you even swim around on your backs, using a straw to take small sips from the Lake of Agony, then guggeling the nice war

As long as we give him the best boots. 

I for one hope Warnock stays next season. Majority of people were happy/expected mid table when he took over. Now we are there and achieving that, you all want him out?  This squad isn’t very good,

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It's a proper end to end game, this. Probably quite entertaining for a neutral, but every time the ball breaks to them and they charge at Bettinelli, I fear for the future. Although having said that, he just made a decent save.

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1 minute ago, Neverbefore said:

The lack of replays on the sky red button infuriates me, like surely it's not hard to show the same clip again!

Main reason I'm watching the stream, it's better in every way except for the delay.

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2 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

The lack of replays on the sky red button infuriates me, like surely it's not hard to show the same clip again!

That plus the lack of a Zoom button on the camara.

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Just now, Neverbefore said:

They don't look like a team that's lost 7 in a row, they're knocking it about well after a strong start from us

I think that’s exactly what they’ve looked like.  They had the counter attacks which were dangerous but other than it’s been 15 mins of them giving the ball away or half tripping over it. If we dont do anything stupid we should win this.  So don’t do things like that Dael 🤦‍♂️

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    • We’ve went all out with the propaganda by getting the Brazilian newspapers to say we were involved, then send people out to negotiate with him…
    • Propaganda by us? Well by all accounts it sounds like a genuine effort by us but we got out-bidded by a team with more money. Not sure why you are labelling it propaganda. 
    • I try not to get too invested these days.  We are a mid to lower Championship club with limited ambition. Our signings show this.
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