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Boro v Bristol City 1-3 (Fry)

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I swear to God, some of you guys love to swim around in all the agony.  Some of you even swim around on your backs, using a straw to take small sips from the Lake of Agony, then guggeling the nice war

As long as we give him the best boots. 

I for one hope Warnock stays next season. Majority of people were happy/expected mid table when he took over. Now we are there and achieving that, you all want him out?  This squad isn’t very good,

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1 minute ago, Changing Times said:

I think that’s exactly what they’ve looked like.  They had the counter attacks which were dangerous but other than it’s been 15 mins of them giving the ball away or half tripping over it. If we dont do anything stupid we should win this.  So don’t do things like that Dael 🤦‍♂️

58 passes to our 38. 73% success to our 58%. Stats say otherwise from what youve seen.


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1 hour ago, Neverbefore said:

Bit worried about Fletcher being run into the ground, four matches in less than 2 weeks is a lot after the length of of time he was out!

If only we could have seen something like this happening...

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    • I would put money that he didn't actually substitute two of the players that were disappointing him at all, because personally I can't see a world in which two of them weren't Tav and Dijksteel. In fact post game I'm sure he even name dropped Dijksteel at the time by saying something to the effect of "one of them is Dijksteel, and he's my favourite!" Now CT has a point and you do have to take everything NW says like this with a huge grain of salt, but I do wonder if he's talking about Tav again here. We've had NW's previous story (excuse?) of Tav doesn't taking warming up seriously, so this doesn't seem like a huge leap.
    • Derby fans blaming Gibson,,,,,,,,Get a grip and smell the coffee. Your Mel Morris is the Be.. end that got you into this mess
    • Christ, that's insane. Professional footballers skipping meals because they CBA to get up? Can this really be true? If so, they're clearly not particularly committed to their profession, or to the club. Any fule kno you need slow-release energy throughout the day, especially if you're an "elite" sportsman. Also interesting that Warnock can tell if someone's had brekky by looking into their eyes. Wonder what else he could tell if he looked at other parts of their anatomy?
    • Feel bad for Derby in a way and this might not be a popular opinion but its time like this I am so grateful for Steve Gibson. Someone on radio said Mel Morris has ran Derby like a vanity project for himself in last few years. I am glad Gibson makes tough unpopular decisions, even if i have criticised him for it in past, as its clear the man truly gives a sh*t about our club.
    • EFL throwing shade back at Derby. Sounds like Derby have backed themselves into a corner and are now scrambling to blame anyone but themselves. I say Derby but mean Mel Morris et al.

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