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Boro v Cardiff 1-1 (McNair)

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2 minutes ago, Brunners said:

Think 1-1 is alright; neither team was very good and neither deserved 3 points, so it's a fair result.

I do think only one team went into this trying to win the game or showed any intention of doing it. Cardiff waited for their moment and capitalised on some bad defending but I don't think they earned anything from it at all. I think they're very lucky that we're crap.

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Hi all, Cardiff fan in peace always had a soft spot for Boro ever since seeing your support in Cardiff early doors in the FA cup in the 90's.     Anyway after reading some comments about it

Introduction  I don't know where to start with this thread,  our season appears to be in a state of flux and Boro fans are struggling to know how to feel  We could probably do with a ni

Better team, deserve to come away with something - their goal was very predictable.  Anyone saying Warnock out, ridiculous.

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Could really do with scoring first in our games. Not sure what the record is for when we score first is ? 

Seems when we concede first, it knocks us for 6 and our players lose all confidence. Even when we start decent, they score, then we just go to crap. 
likewise when we score first, or score in general, we seem to have more confidence and actually pass the ball more. 

We deserved a draw. 

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We were the better team first half, second half it was pretty equal although id been annoyed had we not got an equaliser considering Cardiff were only interested in keeping us out no ambition to do anything else.


At least on the bright side because we didn't win today, we might beat Coventry now as no hope of jumping into the playoffs. We just are a mid table team and play mid table football, we are going nowhere this season probably will finish 7th 3 points outside the playoffs just to frustrate us. 


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Gibson should look at our young players and realise how good they are with the ball. Long ball doesn't work. If Warnock cannot play to their strengths he should leave. Otherwise the likes of Tav, Spence and Coulson will decide to move on. Which will be a terrible shame.


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14 minutes ago, Whoppy said:

Better team, deserve to come away with something - their goal was very predictable. 

Anyone saying Warnock out, ridiculous.

We’ve only won 4 of our last 14 games, losing 8.

We’ve only won 1 of our last 7 at home, losing 5 and conceded 14 goals.

We played the table’s bottom 5 between 29/12 and 13/01 - lost 4 and won 1. 

The football is atrocious.

But ye, anyone suggesting that is ridiculous. 

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Oh how this forum would of been so different if we hadn't scored in the last 10minutes 😂.

The previous 80minutes up to that point was embarrassing I personally thought.

We had the better chances but for me, we shot ourselves in the foot today of how we approached the game like I touched upon at half time (hoof ball).

Spence and Kebano changed it and we finally got the ball down and play some football and Akpom did more in 10mins that that clown Britt did in 80mins.

I don't want to see Britt in a Boro shirt again. His attitude and performance today was embarrassing. 

Tactics totally wrong today, but you just know Warnock is going to talk about having the better chances and that we should of won.

Honestly, I didn't see it myself in terms of general play.

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