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Boro v Cardiff 1-1 (McNair)

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4 minutes ago, RiseAgainst said:

Wonder what JR Ewing is up to these days?

Anyone know how to reach the boss of Tata?

They may not want the steelworks any more, but maybe they're in the market for a down-at-heel football club?


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Hi all, Cardiff fan in peace always had a soft spot for Boro ever since seeing your support in Cardiff early doors in the FA cup in the 90's.     Anyway after reading some comments about it

Introduction  I don't know where to start with this thread,  our season appears to be in a state of flux and Boro fans are struggling to know how to feel  We could probably do with a ni

Better team, deserve to come away with something - their goal was very predictable.  Anyone saying Warnock out, ridiculous.

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    • Even if someone was willing to buy them, what are they buying? Genuine question. What is their academy like? What's their training ground like? Is there a future for Derby that doesn't need significant work on top of spending a lot of money just to regain ownership of assets they currently use? Even if they didn't have those debts to pay off, would we say Derby are a better prospect for someone with money than we are, for example?
    • James Collins, Michael Smith or Charlie Wyke as the back up target man would not be a bad. Curently Collins would be my favoured option as he hit double figures twice at this level for 2 seasons running. @Smogzilla. I was thinking who in gods name is gonna take Chuba off us after his ineffective season but as that article said, Hull is a good shout. He been on loan there before.
    • Well Chuba is a jammy dodger to be earning a living in football
    • This isn't biscuit related! Booooooo!
    • I've seen/heard a lot of chatter that Derby are potentially up the creek without a paddle. Apparently they are actually in debt by a fair bit, annoyingly they still haven't released their accounts for the year ending June 19 so we don't have a definite figure for last year. But looking at the accounts ending June 18, it looks like they owed around £25m to various creditors, apparently that figure has at least doubled (if not trebled) in two years. Plus they've sold the stadium to themselves and mortgaged their training ground in recent years. So it's no surprise there isn't a queue of potential buyers, as they'd effectively have to buy the club, potentially pay off the large debt (including the mortgage on the training ground) and buy the stadium back. All this with the backdrop of a potential points deduction (most likely next season), due to their bizzare accounting method around amortisation on players.

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