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Boro v Cardiff 1-1 (McNair)

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24 minutes ago, TDA said:

It will be interesting to see what part NML plays today.  Now that the facts have come out, a lot of us feel that he let City down badly with two drugs bans within a few months.  He was a massive loss on the pitch, given the way we were trying to play under Neil Harris and there was just not enough time before the season to find a like for like replacement.

On his day, he is unplayable, but I am hoping that our defence knows enough about him to keep him quiet.


He really doesn't look fit at the moment, mate. He struggled against Bristol City when he played 45 minutes because they just sat and soaked up any pressure we put on them but he still looks a good couple of yards off the pace when trying to beat his full back. 

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Better team, deserve to come away with something - their goal was very predictable.  Anyone saying Warnock out, ridiculous.

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That looks like it could be McNair in midfield, to me. Difficult to say for sure though.


Dijksteel Fry Hall

NML Howson McNair Bola


Britt Watmore

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Just now, BoroSmoggie said:

If McNair isn’t in midfield then not sure what formation that is? 

Surely it’s not Tav and Howson in the middle by themselves? 

I reckon 5-2-3 then McNair stepping into midfield alongside Howson in attack, letting Tav push on.

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1 minute ago, DanFromDownSouth said:

I reckon 5-2-3 then McNair stepping into midfield alongside Howson in attack, letting Tav push on.

Aye something like that, I'm thinking.

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    • If Chilwell is injured, it's slightly more understandable to play Trippier but I would still have put Shaw in over him.
    • He is right though. Brexit is and will have an impact on us. That isn't political, it's fact. We are having to look at cheap lower league options rather than cheap foreign options. Brentford have got promoted at just the right time. Their model wouldn't work in the UK now. Watford's might. They can use their overseas clubs to bed players in. So other than our own youth players we are looking at premier loans, out of contract UK based players or the likes of Dijksteel, Brown and Bola.  One problem is our fans would have binned those 3 off after 6 games. Thankfully we couldn't or chose not to.  We need to adjust our mindset as a club. And hope we can build and effective team with the options we have. It is possible.  But needs time, luck and patience.
    • Not disagreeing as my initial thought was Chilwell or Shaw would have been injured if Trippier was playing LB. But at tournaments they normally name 2 sub keepers don't they?
    • 2 goalkeepers on the bench, it's definitely injury related.
    • I think we can only name a matchday 23. But I'd be shocked if Chilwell didn't make the 23 normally unless he's injured.  Chilwell, Maguire and Sancho all not in the 23.

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