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Season 20/21 Predictions League - Round 35 - Saturday 6th March - 3PM

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H Barnsley v Birmingham

H Brentford v Rotherham

H Bristol City v QPR

A Coventry v Derby

H Millwall v Blackburn

H Norwich v Luton

A Preston v Bournemouth

H Reading v Sheffield Wed

H Stoke v Wycombe

D Swansea v Middlesbrough

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    • WOnder if this will be with immediate effect. Football is in absolute turmoil
    • The Carlisle News & Star have just published an article on the ESL which sums it up rather nicely...  
    • I don't know whether you've misunderstood my post or whether I have made my point very well, but let me make one thing clear. I don't think anything about this proposal is good, its a disgrace and I'd be over the moon if the 6 of them were turfed out for good.  What I was saying is that all this moral outrage should have been happening years ago. The game that most of us grew up loving has been gradually eroded over the last few decades. It isn't about the fans or sporting integrity at the top, its about pure greed and has been for years.  Just because the current system is better than the new proposed system it doesn't mean I should be happy with it. To counter a few of your examples, to take Hartlepool as a club, I can remember a time where Wimbledon climbed up the pyramid and fans of clubs that size could always dream of doing the same. That will never happen now.  You mention Leicester (I knew someone would use them as an example). They won the lottery when a billionaire bought them and they broke FFP rules to get promoted. How many clubs have sold their souls to foreign owners and got themselves into debt trying to do a Leicester. Its not a good model to try and copy really.  Finally, you ask me why I bother. Well its in the blood isn't it? There's no logic behind it but the majority of the magic has gone from the game. I grew up watching us be crap in the 80s but even then you could dream about finding a good manager, and crop of good young players and doing what Forest did under Clough. Now its either find a billionaire or simply exist. 
    • So long as Cork City don’t push themselves to the front and try take the place of Bray 😃
    • I heard they wiil scrap the whole idea if Bray are not involved!

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