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Coventry vs Boro 1-2 (Hall, Saville)

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And so it ends not with a bang but with a whimper:


With our hopes of the play offs diminishing inconsistent Boro are being sent to Coventry (well actually Birmingham).

Heres what we I have thrown together.

The strikers, the recruitment team and the tea lady have all been thrown under the bus in recent weeks.

Who will be thrown this week?

Animated GIF

What Team and Formation Will Warnock go with? What would you do?


At what point do we stop playing the loan lads?

Some pictures to make boring stats look interesting:



We all remember Keith O’Neil but who were the last two players to move between Coventry and Middlesbrough (clue: they were loan deals)?

Opposition Danger Man


Forest legend Des Walker’s kid is the main threat and with stats like those you know our recruitment team will be watching him closely.


Coventry Up Next Tuesday.



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I have said plenty positive when there's been something positive to me, which has been few and far between! We just watch football in different ways. I know you like defensive football with

Absolute rubbish. Only one team plays more long balls than us per game. We have the least percentage of possession in our third of the pitch in the championship, showing we get rid of the ba

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I would go with


Dijk Fry Paddy Bola

Morsy Sav

Kebano Watmore Tav


p.s: We carry on playing the loan lads if they deserve to play as it will offer the best insight in to whether we should pursue them on perm deals in summer. Think Bolasie back for Swansea and 2 starts in 4 days for NML might be a bit much right now hence why I think bench for him for this one. I would also give Howson a breather for this game.

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I hope we throw Britt under a bus, because he's clearly doing a Ramirez and not bothering to put in any effort. I cannot stand players who give up mid-season (see also Guzan, B).

I'd play 4132, with Morsy holding and Watmore alongside Akpom if Fletcher is still unable to play. I remember a PAOK fan coming on here giving Chuba the big build up when we signed him, so there must be a player in there somewhere.

I'd happily play loan players providing they're not Fulham goalkeepers. Might as well use the players at our disposal while we're paying their wages - they might even end up staying longer than their current loan term, so it's hardly a waste giving them a start ahead of a signed Boro player.

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1 hour ago, Robin Johnson said:

I think we all have an idea about the outcome of this game against lowly Coventry......

Yeah i can see the reason for your scepticism here. Our record v the bottom teams is not good. And we only done the double over one team this season and that is forest. Hopefully Coventry can be the 2nd but I can see your reason where this could end up.

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11 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

Did Jutkiewicz come from Coventry initially on loan? Can't remember for sure.

Yeah we couldn’t get the permanent deal done in time so he sign on loan then we completed the deal a few days later. My memory is fuzzy but possibly after the window shut.

the two in question went from Boro to Coventry.

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Well, Bettinelli actually did ok last game, so he can get in my team this game.

A back 3 of Dijksteel, Fry and Hall

Fisher and Johnson as wing backs - Bola needs a break. He is very much a great player, but Johnson will do better in this game and Bola needs the resting.

Center mid pair of Howson and Paddy - Was actually good against Cardiff

A front three of Kebano, Watmore and Tav 

This team should be able to run over the Sky Blues

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Who will be thrown this week?

Probably the physio for not making sure his preferred players were available.


What Team and Formation Will Warnock go with? What would you do?

Haven't the foggiest. lately NW seems to change his starting XI and formation every week, either based on his many, many, MANY years of experience...or possibly depending on what his horoscope in the Sun said.

Personally I'd go something like this:



At what point do we stop playing the loan lads?

Well they seem to be doing okay and we've only got them until the end of the season (as of now), so we may as well get our money's worth out of them.

We all remember Keith O’Neil but who were the last two players to move between Coventry and Middlesbrough (clue: they were loan deals)?

Only player I can remember coming from Coventry was Jutkiewicz...but he wasn't a loan, was he?


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fry and hall should play together with paddy infront anchoring with howson/morsy/saville covering his runs forward. whoever they are all pretty similar. tav kab and watmore possibly. strikers dont matter really fletch is by far best but other two are ineffectual normally. 

i just hope we actually pass it about rather than go backwards then go long over and over. 

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The loan lads we already paid for them and Kebano is certainly the best player we have so might aswell use them.  Think we'll win this as are away and cov have no new manager bounce. Plus Cov play that on the ground passing football our press does well against aren't physical like Bristol and Cardiff were so our soft fairies may do well against them 😁



Dijksteel.   Fry.  Hall.    Bola

               Saville.   Mcnair 

Watmore.        Tav.         Kebano 



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    • I'm surprised to see May miss out of the squad I feel even when not on form he is still capable of producing something.  Sexton is another big omission although that one is more understandable given Russell's form right now. On that note it was refreshing to see the form player getting selected. But I did think leadership and experience might have edged Sexton in. It will be interesting to see how Simmonds does having continually being left out by Jones for England despite arguably being the best forward in the country right now.
    • with fry playing we never seem to get done in behind the defense. without him it seems nearly every game. dijksteel and tavs work rate and energy on the right side. they dominated every team we played on that side. we missed one of them but once both were out team never looked the same. next season if we keep bolasie and he is linking with tav and has dijksteel over lapping all the space those two will create i'm sure he would be thriving. we get the correct forward in with him and i'm positive for next season. easier said than done though. we need a keeper who is competent in shot stopping and commanding his area.  
    • Starting with the backs, no massive surprises in terms of who has been selected, barring Aki and Daly. But Daly can cover nearly every backline position, so it makes some sense in taking him, then it makes sense Aki is going as he fills a Tuliagi/Roberts shaped hole of previous tours. The biggest surprise in the backs for me is not having at least one or two of J.Davies, Slade or Ringrose. The forwards is where there are some big omissions; James Ryan, Billy V, CJ Stander or Underhill plus a very distinct lack of English props. Lawes being included despite his injury is a strange one, then Conan and Hill are two big surprises for me too. Sam Simmonds being involved is not a shock at all for me. I do not envy the selectors at all!
    • @Youngy228 I'm up for it if it's ok and there is still room.
    • How very dare you! I'll have you know, my good fellow, that I am the epitome of - and indeed arbiter of - good taste. 😝 Even this chap agrees...  

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