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Coventry vs Boro 1-2 (Hall, Saville)

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I have said plenty positive when there's been something positive to me, which has been few and far between! We just watch football in different ways. I know you like defensive football with

Absolute rubbish. Only one team plays more long balls than us per game. We have the least percentage of possession in our third of the pitch in the championship, showing we get rid of the ba

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3 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

Harsh mate. He found Dijksteel perfectly. 

He had everyone fooled, nobody expected that. 

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Screw this. We’re so *** bad that it’s not worth waisting time on. 1-0, playing like *** and 6 defenders on the pitch while we have the hoof ball maestro on the touch line with no clue how to change this. What a sorry state we are in. Think I’ll check back at the start of the second half to see if anything has changed. Fail to win today and the season is probably over. 

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