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I don't mind helping out, and advising, but I'm probably far too busy these days to be fully involved. Also, because now I'm editing full time, doing more of it in my downtime is a bit too much of a busman's holiday! 

But I don't mind being involved in some capacity

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This is something that always floats around as an idea - we did some nice stuff previously with a podcast (although very short lived) and Tom and Humpty did some nice video bits. 

It would be interesting to try and do something different to those that already do these things. Red Army TV, Boro Fan TV, Boro Breakdown etc. 

I would actually prefer a post match opinion - raw is always more exciting and interesting. Its where Arsenal Fan TV really made its name. Boro Fan TV do a bit of it though. 

I am happy to be involved, although not a particularly active member of the forum, having moved back down south. 

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