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I don't mind helping out, and advising, but I'm probably far too busy these days to be fully involved. Also, because now I'm editing full time, doing more of it in my downtime is a bit too much of a busman's holiday! 

But I don't mind being involved in some capacity

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This is something that always floats around as an idea - we did some nice stuff previously with a podcast (although very short lived) and Tom and Humpty did some nice video bits. 

It would be interesting to try and do something different to those that already do these things. Red Army TV, Boro Fan TV, Boro Breakdown etc. 

I would actually prefer a post match opinion - raw is always more exciting and interesting. Its where Arsenal Fan TV really made its name. Boro Fan TV do a bit of it though. 

I am happy to be involved, although not a particularly active member of the forum, having moved back down south. 

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    • With a 10-15m odd budget and ambitions of promotion we should have a player that does both Refuse to kid myself that Akpom's the answer this season
    • Haha we all saw that article coming didn’t we?!? I’ve nothing against Akpom and I hope he does have a decent season but it’s articles like this that just confirm we’ve missed out on key targets.
    • It's not all about goalscorers though, Saturday showed we need at least one player up there who can keep it and link up play 
    • This seems like the transfer window of January 2017 for me. We know what and who we want but we either can’t or wont pay the money or the selling club wont sell and it ends up affecting our outcomes negatively. That window relegated us, clearly this wont. If we were to end up with Akpomb, Forss, Watmore, Hoppe and Muniz, I can see Muniz and maybe Forss scoring but don’t see it as a top 6 strike force. Additionally, I feel our midfield is powderpuff defensively as it stands and as everyone knows, I was worried about Steffen and his ability on crosses, well the jury is out on him for me. That said, it is ridiculously early to judge, people deserve chances. Steffen and Lenihan need to bed in and the midfield will surely be bolstered and we may yet see a wildcard goal scorer come in or one of the current crop defy expectations. 10 games in and the window shut is a fair time to assess how everyone is knitting together. I have complete faith in the manager, less faith that he will be provided with the ammunition he needs and wants.
    • The difference with Pulis was he was trying to make out that was his plan from the outset to wait until the end. although I suspect/hope he was saying it to manage expectations of he want then it’sa very dangerous game to play

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